Hello, everyone!

Welcome back to the blog, for a post that is on my to do list for like… 4 years LOL. This year, I have a lot of resolutions and a lot of them involve reducing my waste, buying less (but better), save some money etc etc. A lot of them involve making a difference in my consumption. Even if I am already conscious of what I buy, and from where etc., I know I can do better.

One of the best alternatives to FAST FASHION is second hand shopping! I have a secret (or not so secret) fascination for vintage shopping.
There is something about buying something that is no longer available in stores that makes my heart smile. Through my years in Geneva, I have my favorite shops that I wander in to from time to time for inspiration and most of my favorite pieces in my wardrobe are vintage!

Below you will find my favorite shops and boutiques! I hope you enjoy it!

Flair 3.

I wrote a full post here about this boutique. I love going in there. It is simply inspirational! There are so many original things, most of them brand name but not everything.

Address: Rue John-Grasset 3, 1205, Geneva, Switzerland

Vintage Garderobe.

This place is… how do I say it… a treasure! Yes that is the word. In this boutique, you have more Hermes bags than at Hermes. You can find anything from a second-hand Chanel to a D&G dress. I also wrote a post here.

Address: 11, Rue Henri-Mussard Geneva 1208

Les Toutes Belles.

Tiny shop on one of the streets at the back of Manor (Place Grenus) that I discovered a few years ago, and that I love going to every 2-3 months to see what is new. It is also a great place to sell your things!

Address: Rue des Etuves 17, 1201 Genève


This place is more for the 90s lovers out there. Talk about vintage hoodies, banana bags, old caps and neon jackets. They have a sick leather collection of trousers, skirts and jackets.

Address: Boulevard Carl-Vogt 4, 1205 Genève

Croix Rouge – Plainpalais.

I have found so many good things there! Do not get disappointed by the first floor. The good things are on the -1 ! There is a special section with “Le coin vintage” and “Le coin chic” that has a selected collection. Believe me if I tell you there are treasures there, last time I went there I saw a Lanvin green dress TDF… unfortunately it did not fit.. sniff.

Address: Rue Leschot 2, 1205 Genève

Flamant Rouge.

One of my first posts here on LivinGeneva! ahhh so cute! This shop has mostly luxury bags and beautiful never-worn shoes. Her selection is insane and the prices are right.

Address: 4 Place du Bourg-du-Four, Geneva, Switzerland

Bourse du Luxe.

In this boutique I bought the most beautiful Dior vintage dress. They have a beautiful vintage collection of clothes, handbags and shoes! The best is to go downstairs and stroll in their shop, they have so many things you wouldn’t imagine down there!

Address: 5 rue Chausse Coq – 1204 Genève  Switzerland

CSP Caritas.

Charity association that helps people in any type of difficult situation throughout different channels. They set up a series of boutiques around Geneva and Switzerland to sell donated items to sustain their different activities.

Neighbourhood: Several in Geneva

Emmaus: La Boutique in Carouge.

Emmaus is a community that started in France to recover donations and sell them later at their boutiques. Furthermore, they also give donations to people in need for reasonable prices or for free.

In Carouge, they have two sections, the main one with tons and tons of items and a second one next to it with a selection of the best pieces and furniture. This is great since you already have nicer things and you do not lose time going through everything inside the huge one!

Address: Route de Drize 5, 1227 Carouge
Neighbourhood: Carouge


UpTown Geneve – great selection of vintage pieces and the boutique is super nice in Paquis. Also you can buy online!

Brocante from Arme du Salut.

Coco & Co in Carouge, I have often walked in, never brought anything, but there are nice things.

I hope you liked the list! I am a huge fan of vintage shops, and as soon as I find a new one I will keep adding them to this list, so make sure to bookmark it.

Which ones are your favorite places in Geneva?

See you soon on the blog!!