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A big thank you to all supporters.

March 2020 will always be remembered as the time that without presendent we where in lock down, quarantined, with an unkown virus out there and with one of the highest level of uncertainty we have lived as a modern society.

What will happen? When will we go back to normal? What are the concequences of this virus?

In parallel many businesses had to shut down, close doors and stop operating. Small businesses where the most affected by this crisis, including Livingeneva; collaborations cancelled, contracts too and no idea what will happen in the future. However, I was in the middle of the biggest re-branding in 6 years, the website, logo and brand you see today.

In the middle of this craziness, maybe because I felt hopeless, I had an idea. A crazy one some might think. Why not do a crowdfunding that will help finish the new website and in addition invite other businesses to join to help them sell vouchers for their businesses too?

This is how I had the idea to invite 9 businesses owned by women to join me for the #LivinGenevafuture Crowdfunding, like this helping them I would be helping the project of the new website too!

After 21 very intense crowdfunding days we reached and surpassed our goal of 25k CHF making it to 39’465 CHF! Helping me and the other 9 businesses continue our activities and pay our bills despite the crisis.

I have to say it was a pleasure and an honor to work and learn with these amazing women about crowdfunding and helping and motivating each other during those difficult times.

  1. Olga de Christie’s Bakery @christies_bakery
  2. Carola & Francesca de Pamé Flowers @pame__flowers
  3. Vanja de Couture Hats par Vanja Jocic @byvanjajocic
  4. Sarah de Frame @framebysarahbattikha
  5. Renata, Mariana et Ana-Paola du Kids Time Club
  6. Fabienne de Avinas Jewelry @avinasjewelry
  7. Nadia de La Garde-Robe
  8. Marie de Get me Glow @getmeglow_beauty
  9. Vanja de
  10. Diana de @livingeneva

Together we were stronger! 

I would like to dedicate this page to every single person that participated to the crowdfunding THANK YOU for believing in the project and for supporting Livingeneva and the other businesses that were part of this adventure. 


I am forever grateful for this community and everything that has brought me! May this be the beginning of many many great things! 
With all my love, Diana 

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Agnes Bourdet

Alejandra Barajas

Alexis J

Alix Giboulot

Ana Cerpa Douglas

Ana Paola Reyes Abogado

Andi Jimenez

Ania Vinokourov

Anna de Chabaneix

Annabelle Lévy

Anne Guidon

Anne-Laure Guyot

Antoine Charpentier

Anya Ivannikova

Ariane Sikiaridis

Aristea Kyriakati

Assma Djehiche

Aurianne Debord

Benedetta Leidi

Berta Araujo

Bouchra Fathi

Camille Geiger de Soos

Caro Campeas

Carole Grimm

Carolina S.

Catarina Macaes Novo

Cecilia Garcia Podoley

Cecilia Ivanovitch

Célia Boldrini

Celine Bionda

Céline Chanal

Charlotte Maréchal

Charlotte Roos

Christelle Kandilis

Cindy Herren

Clara Immink

Constance Le Marié

Constanza Cortes

Cosima Castan

Dalal Mensi

David Mishra-Newbery

Denise Van

Diana Casalis

Diana Paredes

Dilan Perez

Ekaterina Tsyplakova

Elsa Bouhana

Elsa Degirmenciler Gonzalez

Emilie Servettaz

Emma Pham

Emmanuel Casalis

Emmanuelle Kehrer-Madsen

Erica Diazoni

Fabien Pellarin

Fabienne Ymar

Faten Fawaz

Femke Pivin

Florence Bory

Francesca Faggino

Gabriela Tejada

Gabrielle Tamman

Gaelle Borgeaud

Helene Louveau

Ilaria Di Resta

Ilenia Moreno

Inés Cruz

Ioana EB

Irene Tuescher

Isabelle Noverraz

Joanne Rozze

Jonathan Riches

Julia Doyle

Julia Field

Julie Maio

Julie Suissa

Jürg Kaufmann

Justine Zamataro

Kamile Janulyte

Karin Gutzwiller-Schreier

Katerina Rodriguez

Katia Cuervo

Kelly Ruso

Kristina Collins

Laura K-h

Laure de Peretti de la Rocca

Laure Gay

Lauren Roux

Linh Nguyen

Lisa Ventura

Loraine Kehrer-Maruon

Lucie Gillioz

Ludovic Richner

Maeva Fages

Magali Bonzon

Margaux Guyot

Margaux Jouffe

Maria Bautista

María Eugenia Panchaud

Maria Lambert

Mariana Hoyos

Marianne Mae Clerigo

Marie-Laure El Halaissi

Marion Talbot

Marlise Picarra

Marta Escribano

Max Gingell

Maxime Kutas

Mayara Schneiter

Megan Inman

Mercedes Perez

Michelle Borja-Dulac

Milica Vukmanovic

Monica Guevara

Monica Rodriguez

Nada Bebars

Nadia De Col

Nadine Nobs

Natalia Avlukova

Natalie Bédat

Natasha Smith

NGane Grandjean

Nieves Cottier

Noelia Santana

Nora Livet

Nouhad Monpays

Olivia Meiners

Olivier Barras

Patrice Jauffret

Patricia MAITRE

Paulina Peier

Perrine Renard

Philippine Laubie

Pili De Tavira

Renata Arruga

Renata Caballero

Sabrina Duhoux

Salomé Ephrati

Samantha Lederer Bordey

Samira Rezaie

Sanda Win

Sarah Pousette

Scarlett Hoegger

Sofia Ait Khalifa

Sofia Saracho


Sophia Gondim

Sophie Montalcini

Sophie Schatzmann

Stéphanie de Mestral

Tania Herzog

Uma Mishra-Newbery

Valentine Glatz

Vanessa Binand

Vanessa Gill

Vanja Jocic

Victoria Busson

Victoria Sukenik

Viktoriia Savitska

Virginia Di Fiore

Virginie de Kerchove

Yoana Bakhovski

Yoss Kakinuma

Zoé Wahl

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