Bonjour and welcome back to livingeneva!

I really hope this rainy Sunday is not keeping you in bed and you are doing something cozy, or just grabbing a warm cup of tea while you read this.

I wanted to do a special 10K post because, first, I missed the 4 year anniversary, and second, because I am a huge fan of milestones and celebrations!

10K is just a number and we should not measure people (influencers-bloggers) by how many people follow them or not. Their work is not measured by it and neither is their passion for content creation and sharing. However, for me it is important to mark this milestone because somehow it makes everything more real, like I can now consider myself an influencer because I can connect my blog to my social media and this means a lot. At the beginning, my blog was way more important and had way more content than Instagram and somewhere in the middle, everything shifted to one single app.

I love Instagram and I love how easy it is to connect with you guys, but I also know that it has holes and that sometimes a long damn post simply feels gooooood.

4 and something years ago, I started this blog without the slightest idea it would actually change my life and the decisions I take today. I am so grateful for having started and for not listening to what people think is good or what is “going to work”. I remember perfectly well the month I launched it, and how I would spend 10 hours per day googling “how to start your own blog” and learning everything about it. When I started I had no idea what Instagram was and I was posting nonsense stuff LOL.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for the continuous support. I know that some of you have followed me since the very beginning and maybe we do not know each other face to face, but we have probably talked on DM or a message. That is why I had the idea of planning a 10K party. The idea started not as a narcissistic celebration of “OMG look how cool I am I have 10K”, but really to have an opportunity to meet you and put faces to all of you.

So many of you have asked me if we could meet for coffee or lunch and I can’t always do that because of my tight schedule; but now we will be able to meet, but not only that… you will also meet other fellow Geneveans (hahaha no idea if that word exists) and have a lovely time together!!

SAVE THE DATE: 31st January!

All the details will follow, but I need you to sign up for the party to make things easier.

If you have given me your email through Instagram, we are good to go (but if you are not sure, send it again) all duplicates will be erased and like this, I can personalize everything better!

This is a different mailing list than the monthly newsletter, if you want to sign up for that then just fill in your name in the box that appears when you log onto the website or here below!

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All invitations will be for 1 and if you want to come with a +1, or you think you might, please put it in the form, thanks!!!

I am REALLY looking forward to meeting you all and having a great time together! I am working on making it a memorable night for everyone!!!

See you everyday on Instagram and remember 31st of January!!

With excitement and love!