Hello, my dears!

After a whole summer of having my bike and riding it everywhere, I can now share with you my experience.

First, it is amazing!! I love it and I hope I will be able to use it all year long (except in the snow). Geneva is a relatively easy city for bikes, except Vielle Ville, Champel, Saint Julien or Lancy which are uphill. But honestly, I live and work on the opposite and this did not stop me (I have a huge hill on my way home).

The Good.
  • Go faster than any other means of transport.
  • No need to rely on TPG or parking space – you can park your bike almost everywhere!
  • The wind through your hair.
  • Do sport while you get to places! Talk about multi-tasking.
  • Burn some calories along the way.
  • There are many biking lanes in the city – get to know them and stay on them even if sometimes it is longer.
  • Down-hill yeeeeeeeeei I love it !
  • You can go easily to places where TPG does not go. Like Plage du Reposoir for example.
  • You feel super free, cool, ecological and sporty (even if you are none of the latter).

The Bad.
  • Tram rails – YOUR WORST ENEMY – stay away from them they are evil.
  • When it rains… well not very recommended.
  • The helmet hair.
  • You cannot carry your full house with you (as I was used to) if you have a basket you can carry things there. But still limited.
  • You need to make sure you have enough air in you tires, if not you might blow them out.
  • Your butt will hurt at the beginning.
  • Uphill…duh obvious.
  • Rue Confederation – I personally do not like passing this street since you have trams on both sides and people cross without looking. But you need to if you want to go to Eaux Vives.

The Ugly.
  • If you like skirts you will flash everyone. Sorry Geneva, I think everyone saw my underwear … oops #sorrynotsorry
  • When it rained and then stopped … your seat is wet (picture below)
  • Tram rails – yes again – they are the monster under your bed of biking.
  • If you do not have protection for the chain, your pants might get ripped.
  • You might arrive sweaty to places … #realityhurts
  • Your seat can get stolen (yes it is a thing) so buy a lock for it too.
  • I am super slow and everyone passes me up… hahaha I don’t care really.
  • You will fall one day or another … I have fallen twice (once because of the ç&*”!  tram rails … and the other because I was distracted)

The unexpected.
  • It is actually better to ride with heels than with flat shoes since they grip. The flat ones slip.
  • People respect bikes – I was surprised about this.

  • BE SAFE! Wear a helmet, have lights and a florescent vest. BE VISIBLE!
  • Buy a quality lock – mine is awesome, it is one of the best in the market.
  • Stay away from tram lines… did I mention this earlier?
  • Know your roads. If it is new, look for it in advance so you are not all panicky last minute (experience talking).
  • If your office is on a hill, leave the bike just before the start and take the bus. I do that to get to work, works very well.
  • Avoid being tooo cool and going the wrong way, super fast, or zig-zaging. It is still dangerous… even with a helmet.

So, do you have a bike in Geneva? What was your experience?