Hello, dears!

You know how excited I get about new restaurants & especially if they are MEXICAN!

I went the very first day of service to try this new place! Loved the decoration and the real Mexican feeling it has.

Anthony & Raphaël (AKA- Los Cuñados) partnered with Alma from Los Tacos to create authentic Mexican recipes to please everyone.

I tried almost the entire MENU and my favorites were definitely the quesadillas and the tacos de pibil.

I am going to make it short. I really like the place, the vibe, the food. But I felt like there was something missing in the flavour; I know they surely adapted the recipes to please the “Geneva based” population & not the NATIVE MEXICANS … LOL but I felt there was that little something of Mexico missing in the taste, it was not strong enough.

Do not get me wrong, I loved the place and I will be coming back for sure. If you like more spices, ask for the special homemade salsas! They will bring you back to life!

Taqueria Los Cuñados in 6 points:

  1. Food: Mexican antojos – quesadillas, tacos & simple starters.
  2. Concept: Like in a taqueria, you tick the things you want from little pieces of paper.
  3. Atmosphere: Loved the atmosphere, the decoration is exquisite with TONS of details from Mexico. The guys actually brought a container from Mexico.
  4. Prices: Tacos 5-7 per taco, quesadillas 4-7.5 , guacamole 6
  5. Location: Eaux-Vives.
  6. LivinGeneva tips: Enjoy your meal with a local Mexican beer and ask for translations, since the menu is only in Spanish 🙂

Schedules: Tue- Sat 12:00 – 14:15 & 19:00 – 22:15

Telephone: +41 (0) 22 736 51 93
Address: 17 Rue de Montchoisy, 1207 Geneve

Thanks for reading along! See you on our next post!

With love,