Bonjour & welcome back to LivinGeneva!

In this new section of locals we love, I would like to highlight local entrepreneurs & people that I admire & want to pick their brain about Geneva & their local life here. 

I did a past session with Vanja the Hatmaker, that is fantastic (I mean, she is just great!) and it was such a pleasure to interview her & learn about her business & favorite things. 

This time I want to introduce you Nadia; we met through instagram (wow, not expecting that one! LOL) and she invited me to see her showroom to talk about her new concept: LA GARDE ROBE. I was into it right away, it is all about the #sharingeconomy and also about buying less & consuming smartly. 

She is a fun and creative person to be around, I can’t wait for you to get to know her better and learn about her business!



LivinGeneva: Could you please talk to us about you? Where do you come from and what brought you to Geneva?

Nadia: I came to live in Geneva for love and work.
I used to work in commodity trading that I left a year ago to be an entrepreneur. I have always wanted to launch a business idea linked to the fashion industry and just decided, when I turned 30, that it was the right timing and I had enough experience.

LG: When and how did La Garde Robe begin?

N: I had the idea of creating a place where you could come try and rent anything you like for a loooong time. One day when I was studying in Paris, I had an evening date and little money, so I went to a designer shop, bought a dress and returned it two days later to get reimbursed (I am not ashamed, we’ve all done this once in our lives 🙂 ). Then I thought, it is just stupid to not have a place where you can just pay a percentage of the price, to rent it.

LG: I have totally done that too LOL!

Everyone has a beautiful unworn–for-too-long designer piece.

LG: Could you please explain what La Garde Robe is about?

N: La Garde Robe is a collaborative closet based in Geneva, Eaux-Vives. We have a showroom that you can visit by appointment only to try on an outfit and reserve it. We are also creating an e-shop with all the collection of designer clothes available for rent.
As we believe that everyone has a beautiful unworn–for-too-long designer piece, we decided to make everyone benefit from our concept. Therefore, you can put anything, that matches our quality/brand standards, for rent in La Garde-Robe.
Each time your piece is rented, you earn money and make a girl happy!

LG: I love this! It is like borrowing from a friend!

People are not interested in owning stuff anymore, they are smarter about consumption.

LG: What do you love most about this project?

N: I absolutely love the concept itself! It meets a real need. People are not interested in owning stuff anymore, they are smarter about consumption and life and know very well; fashion is too fast and too expensive. So, they don’t want to throw money out the window and are looking for new concepts and experiences.

I am very excited about La Garde-Robe and look forward to developing a real community, sharing the same interest and values.

Nobody will steal it, nobody can pretend to be you!

LG: Which one is your ULTIMATE favorite piece on your collection?

N: I adore the Givenchy bi-material (wool & silk) V-neck jumpsuit. I just think it is amazing, it combines an office chic style balanced with the sexy V-neck.

Also, it fits so well, which shows you how designer clothes are different from fast fashion. They’re not expensive for no reason; from the fabrics to the cut, they are made from and by the best!!!

LG: What sets your heart on fire?

N: Fashion, fashion & fashion!!!!

I would not have thought of launching La Garde-Robe without a true passion for clothing and designers.

I am very excited each time I buy new pieces for the closet and see my clients looking so pretty wearing them. Our designer pieces highlight women’s beauty!

LG: ditto!!!

LG: Do you have any advice and tips for people starting their own business?

N: Sure… network! Talk about your business idea and don’t be afraid to share it.

Nobody will steal it, nobody can pretend to be you!

LG: Shall we talk a little about Geneva? Is there a place you love to hang out in Geneva?

N: I love Geneva, and the way it is transforming right now. So many young talents, start-ups, new incubators in town make me think that we are going to see a new Geneva very soon.

I love to go to le thé in the winter to try their delicious dim sum and I go to Le Reposoir in the summer.

LG: What is something you wish you knew before arriving to Geneva?

N: I wish I knew how to ski and not have to then learn it in group lessons with 4 years olds !!!

LG: What is your favorite thing about living in Geneva?

N: I love to be healthy. Before Geneva, I lived in London for a while and life there is not healthy at all.

Here in Geneva, I go hiking, skiing and often go to the gym.

I feel much better in this city than anywhere else.

LG: Do you have a day trip from Geneva you can recommend?

N: Megeve. Not very original but it never a disappoints! I go there for a ski day, lunch at la Folie Douce, after ski at Coeur de Megeve and diner and party at La Sauvageonne.

Favorite Restaurant in Geneva:

Izumi; the view is fantastic and the food reminds me of the best fusion restaurants in London.

Favorite Café in Geneva:

Starbucks… sorry I am a Starbucks lover for ever.

Favorite Boutique:

Hmmm… difficult that’s why I created La Garde-Robe!

Favorite neighborhood:

Eaux-Vives where I live! I love the bars and especially Maison Balkii !!!

Favorite Season:

I am mediterranean so just guess …

 Favorite Weekend Escape:


Any local tips that you could never find on the internet:

Try “les Amandes princesses” from Auer, it’s the best thing on earth and you can buy it on rue de la confederation.

Thank you Nadia for this fantastic interview! We love your concept and wish you tons of success!

We can’t wait to see the website and all the new things that will be coming from this new business!


Pictures by Studio Norrit


Website: Coming SOOOON!