Hello dears!

Welcome back to the blog! Today I want to share with you a super special event that took place last July 7th at Café de la Plage.

This event was organized quite rapidly, since at the beginning I had another concept in mind to celebrate de re-branding of the blog (more about the re-branding here). But since the COVID-19 pandemic does not seem to go anywhere, I had to change plans.

I started taking with Marie from Café de la Plage and the idea came quickly, to have an open event with a lovely dinner and all the guest would have the opportunity to dress up & enjoy a wonderful dinner in a special location. In case you do not know, Café de la Plage is located inside the Grand Théâtre de Genève; a landmark in Geneva.

The event .

The event was a huge success! We had 60 guests coming, the food was FANTASTIC, thanks to the help of the amazing team! We served a welcome signature cocktail & apero following by a 3 course menu. We were lucky to be able to host this event taking into consideration the current pandemic, but we applied the measures and everything went great!

I love this location, because there is an lovely terrace (although we had to do the event inside because of the rain) people could sit outside to have their apero or chat between the raindrops. It really felt like an open space with the huge doors open to the terrace.

Inside you can appreciate the architecture & new interior design.

We started the event at 19:00 with a welcome by the bar & serving a signature cocktail made of tequila and hibiscus. In case you have never been to Café de la Plage, they have a very talented barman that created the most delicious cocktails & recipes!

Further, we went to the main sitting are where we had our dinner. It was very exciting to see everyone dressed in red (the new color of Livingeneva) I love to have an optional dress code in events, since you can feel the synergy of the people & everyone feels welcome and part of a group (even if they come alone).

Our Sponsors .

During the event we had a great raffle and were able to offer so many prizes to our guests! It was a great moment of excitement & all the guests were able to leave with a prize!

Livingeneva Summer Dinner in 6 Points 

  1. Type of food:  We had a ceviche as a starter, then a “pintade” & an apricot dessert! 
  2. Location: I really like Cafe de la Plage, it is very central  
  3. Number of guests: There was 60 guests 
  4. Duration: The event started at 19:00 and finished around 23:00
  5. Price: The prices started from 65CHF for the menu 
  6. LivinGeneva’s Tips: Reserve quickly since they sell out fast!

Website: Cafe de la Plage
Telephone: 022 322 54 00