Brunch brunch brunch, I absolutely love brunch! I think it is a great weekend activity and also a fun way to meet with friends, enjoy a relaxed meal and eat whatever you please, salty, sweet, warm drinks, hot drinks… or even a little glass of bubbly or wine!  

I prefer a-la-carte (menu) brunch, since I feel like I can order what I want, it is warm and I am not paying for all the food I will not eat anyways.  

Below you will find a list of my favorite Sunday (or Saturday) brunch places in Geneva! 

Note: List updated regularly, last update Nov 2020 


A cute & trendy restaurant in the neighborhood of Eaux-Vives! I love the Parisian flare or^f the gorgeous chairs in their terrace! The general decor is beautiful and very well executed; if I am not mistaken it was done by Deer Home in Geneva.  

We went there for Brunch and really appreciate the sunny terrace, the friendly service, although the food could’ve been a little more tasty (it was not bad, but a little flat) it is a place I recommend for the overall experience.  

They have the option of café + cookie which I find brilliant!  

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Schedules: Mon- Sat 8h00 – 00:00 Sun 8h00 – 19h00 

Address: Rue du 31 Décembre 38, 1207 Genève, Switzerland 


Marcel is a restaurant that is open all day every day, serving breakfast, brunch and lunch with different options of food, from healthy options to more indulgent ones. There is a something for everyone at any time!  

Their brunch is delicious! I have ordered almost everything on their menu: the French toast, the pancakes, the eggs… everything always fresh and good. They have of course, healthier options too! I love their matcha latte with almond milk! My favorite in Geneva!  

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Schedules: Mon-Fri 10-14h / Sat-Sun 10-16h 
Phone: 022 735 33 33
Address: Rue des Eaux-Vives 3, 1207 Geneva, Switzerland 

Call & pick up022 735 33 33 
Order onlinehere & pick up 
Delivery Order via SMOOD  here (if it is the first time ordering on smood use code dianao6855 for -10CHF)  

Livingroom & Kitchen 

This brunch is more upscale and fancier, I am a big fan of it! Their French toast is really amazing, and the egg bake (I can’t recall the exact name) is insane! They really have a lovely a-la-carte brunch, and it is the only moment where they accept outside guests for breakfast/ brunch.  

Really worth it, especially if you like something more sophisticated in a hotel, but you are not a fan of buffets (like me… hihih)  

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Schedules: Sunday only   

Telephone: +41 229096065 
Address: Quai du Mont-Blanc 11 Geneva, 1201 Switzerland 


The newest of its kind in Geneva Avo Break is a great place for a healthy brunch in Geneva! Their avocado toasts are definitely the most beautiful in town and I really enjoyed their matcha!  

As the name says, they focus on avocado, but not exclusively! They prepare super good banana bread and other pastries. They also have a selection of different “TOASTS” with chicken, mushrooms and even roast beef! They offer different bowls too, as part of their selection of food.  

As far as hot drinks, they offer the following: matcha latte (6 CHF), espresso, hot chocolate and a selection of teas and herbal teas.  

Note: Saturday brunch place, closed on Sunday. 

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Schedules: Mon- Fri 7h-15h00 / Sat 10h- 15h 

Telphone: +41 22 559 74 77 
Address: Rue Adrien-Lachenal 6, Geneva, Switzerland 1207


I like their avocado toasts and delicious bowls for brunch. I also really enjoy their desserts, like the banana bread and the cinnamon roll (one of the best in Geneva!).  

Their first location at Adrien Lachenal is the most practical and the biggest, with a small terrace that surrounds the place, but it is not open on Sundays, only Saturday. The one at Quartier des Bains is smaller, but super cute with a quiet mezzanine where you can go on Sunday! It is also nice to have the option to buy other products like oat milk or granola from the different brands they carry, and their fresh juices from the fridges for take-away or to simply enjoy there.  

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Adrien Lachenal ? 
Week: 7:00 am-4:30pm 
Week end: 10am-3:30pm 
Rue des bains 
Mon-Sun: 10am-3:30pm 
Place Grenus ? 7am-3:30 

Order online (if it is the first time ordering on smood use code dianao6855 for -10CHF)  

O calme.

As it names says it, O calme is a peaceful place. I love their quiet terrace in the back (you will never think there is a terrace when you walk in front of it) . The owners settled down in Carouge and became famous for their brunch menus. They have different packages starting from 22 CHF (which is quite descent for GVA).  

A lovely place in Carouge that can feel like an escape or a full day trip a few minutes from Geneva city center.  

Example of the “Petit Brunch” 23.- 

Toats, pancake, scrambled eggs and a mixed salad.  

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Schedules: Mon 10am-4pm; Tue to Sun 10am-6pm

Telephone: +41223012220
Address: Rue Ancienne 36, 1227 Carouge


Alive is a vegan café with great options for brunch & stunning desserts! They are so beautiful!! When I think of vegan places in Geneva, I always think of ALIVE.  

I love all the options they have for non-dairy milk (Oats, Almond… etc) and that you can also purchase there. Their golden latte is DELICIOUS and you have tasty pastries to choose from every day. The place is very Zen and full of light; the decor is simple and elegant; you can spend hours there since it is super peaceful.  

It is not only a brunch location, they offer several cooking workshops, yoga classes and personal training sessions too.  

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MON – TUE 8AM -8:30PM 
WEN – FRI 8AM -10PM 
SAT 11AM – 6PM 
SUN 10 AM – 5PM