Shopping: Flair 3 (Vintage)

I have finally found the boutique I have been looking for! I discovered it thank to an amazing article written in a blog about a weekend in Geneva (it is in French, but absolutely beautiful and the pics are WOW).04 - Geneva blog- Flai 3 Vintage Store

So I decided to drop by and take a look into this boutique. I met Marisa which is a force of nature, she is stylish, modern, energetic, petite and Portuguese, she is the owner/creator/stylist in the store.

She not only owns what is probably the coolest vintage store in Geneva, but also advice her clients to the most chic outfits for special occasions. And last but not least, she reworks some of the pieces to make them more modern and wearable – a true gem.01. Geneva blog- Flair 3 Vintage Store05 - Geneva blog- Flai 3 Vintage Store

What I loved about Flair 3 is that is not the typical vintage store full of brands, not at all! You have “real” couturier dresses from the 1950’s (no brand) you have a Chanel Skirt next to a Zara knit and Dior shoes in the floor. It is all about UNIQUE beautiful pieces that could make any woman feel beautiful, feminine, original and stylish… my perfect store!02 - Geneva blog- Flai 3 Vintage Store

What did I buy??? See below!

Useful Information:

Schedules :
Mon-Tue: Closed, Wed: 12:30–18:30, Thu-Fri: 10:00-12:30 & 14:30-18:30 Sat: 12:00 – 17:30
Prices: They vary a lot, it can go from 35CHF to over 1,000 CHF (for a luxury bag)
Facebook: Flair 3
Telephone: +41 0) 22 321 19 85
Rue John-Grasset 3, 1205, Geneva, Switzerland
TPG: Augustins

06 - Geneva blog- Flai 3 Vintage Store

My new steal!

03 - Geneva blog- Flai 3 Vintage Store

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