Weekend Getaway: Vienna

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I have a very special weekend getaway to share with all of you: Vienna. Vienna is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe with all it’s history, art and culture. If I had to describe Vienna in one word I would use: Classic. When you stroll around it’s  streets, museums and famous coffees, you really feel like time had stopped and that you have travelled in time.

There are many many things to do in Vienna, and probably a weekend (Friday evening-Sunday) is not enough to appreciate all the wonders this  city has to offer; however if you can only go for one weekend you will already have a great idea and feeling of the city itself.


We took a flight that arrived at 16:00 so it was great to have the afternoon a little bit off. We went straight to our bed and breakfast in the city center. Pension Nossek  is a charming place right in the pedestrian area of the city center , the rooms are super spacious, the breakfast is great and everything is waking distance (inside the ring). “The ring” is like a circular street that surrounds the city center and main landmarks (you want to be inside the ring 😉 )

Description from the website: 
“Founded in 1908 in Art Deco, spacious rooms with high sealing and polished parquet floors overlooking the “Graben” it is mentioned to be under the 100 best in Europe (Sunday times). Gracious and elegant with modern en-suite bathrooms. Even Mozart lived here in 1781.”

View from the hotel: The Graben, Vienna The Graben, Vienna

After living our stuff at Pension Nossek, we went to Café Hawelka for a beer and a tea. It is important to mention that Vienna is know for it’s coffee places; they are places that have not changed for a very long time; the waiters are often dressed in smoking, you can eat and drink at any time, you have always the international press and to-die-for-desserts. It is a big tradition to go to this places to read, write, enjoy, sip a Vienna Hot Chocolate (hot chocolate with whipped cream); people usually go in the early mornings or late afternoons (or anytime of the day really ). Each of these Cafés have their own particularity, some of them are know for a specific dessert or a plate or maybe someone famous that used to go there.

Cafe Hawelka

Sorry for the gap! Going back to Café Hawelka. This place has a very special atmosphere, it is quite dark inside, the crowd is more artistic, probably photographers or musicians, the public is very casual and laid back. The service is not super friendly (that is normal in Vienna, I guess it is cool to be snob jijij) but they are very polite.Café Hawelka Vienna

After Café Hawelka we went to Café Landtmann, another must-see in Vienna. Since we went there in January it was freeeeezing cold outside and Cafés were the mayor attraction of our weekend! Café Landtmann has a beautiful decor and a delicious drink I discovered this time, a hot lemon, kind of tea. I do not remember the name (sorry) but it looks like this: Café LandtmannIt is perfect for a cold evening, and a great alternative for coffee; and also in case you are getting a cold! After our stop at Café Landtmann we strolled in Vienna’s streets and enjoyed the atmosphere. Vienna is much colder than Geneva and people wear a lot of furs, hats and long coats, it gives a completely different vibe than another cities.

Café Landtmann

Café Landtmann

The evening finished with a delicious wiener schnitzel and going to bed early because Saturday we had a long and exiting day ahead!


We woke up early to visit the Belvedere Museum. From our hotel we walked a few blocks and  took the tram D. The most famous paintings at The Belvedere are the ones of Gustav Klimt, they have 24 works signed by this talented Austrian Painter from the late XIX century. Once of his most famous pieces; The Kiss, can be appreciated in this wonderful museum.

Gustav Klimt, The Kiss, 1907/08, Copyright The Belvedere Museum If you are not a lot into museums, I would highly recommend to go to the Belvedere and visit at least from the outside. It is beautiful and you will have a nice photo souvenir! The Belvedere For lunch we went to a hidden, but very typical Café, The Bräunerhof (Stallburggasse 2 A-1010 Wien). This is my husband’s favorite! Their wiener schnitzel is fabulous, their deserts and decor is unique and the service is impeccable. I had a delicious hot chocolate with whipped cream!! My fav!

Note: They only accept cash.

Cafe BräunerhofIMG_1349After Café Bräunerhof we walked Vienna and did some shopping in the Graben. It is the pedestrian shopping street in Vienna, from here you can visit the famous  Plague Tower. The Graben
Afterwards we went back to out hotel to get ready for The Ball! This was the main reason we went to Vienna, to dance  in a traditional Vienna Ball.  We went to the Techniker Cercle Ball, it was truly an amazing  and unique experience; I recommend to take vals classes if you are not very familiar with it. All girls wear long and beautiful dresses and boys wear tails and white tie (Tuxedo and black tie is tolerated). The ball was at The Vienna Music-Hall “Musikverein” which an extraodinary decor  for a ball this big, I believe there are more than 3,000 people that participate in the Ball.

Vienna Music-Hall "Musikverein"In every ball you have the Debutants, and they all wear a long white dress and dance a traditional vals. Check the videos (I took them!!) :


Sunday was more relaxed and we just strolled around the streets and went to our last café! jijiji. This one is a very Touristy thing to do, but since I started the blog I am more drawn to this type of things in order to prove if they are worth it or not.

The Sacher Torte is served in almost every café in Vienna; however there is only ONE original Sacher Torte, and this is the one from the Sacher Hotel. I was a little skeptical about it and was not very enthusiastic to do the queue with all the tourists, nevertheless it was worth it and now no one can tell me what a real Sacher Torte tastes like. I admit that it is very different from the ones I tried in other cafés and the topping is quite a thing… worth the try! Sacher Torte Sacher Torte Sacher Hotel

After this we went to the airport, tired and super happy with our filled and exiting weekend! I hope you enjoyed it!

Resume of the weekend – Must Do’s:

Where to stay:

Pension Nossek


Café Hawelka
Café Landtmann
-Café Bräunerhof (Stallburggasse 2 A-1010 Wien)
Hotel Sacher – to try a delicious Sacher Torte


-The Belvedere Museum
-The Schöenbrunn – it is 15 min away from the city center, we did not go this time but it is must see.

An alternative of the Vienna Ball is to go to the Opera!

UPDATE: If you are looking for a local blog you can follow The Viennese Girl – lovely pictures from Vienna!

Enjoy the rest of the photos! Vienna by night Vienna by night Rathaus, Vienna View from the Belvedere Small passages in Vienna

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