Weekend Getaway: 5 Terre

I am finally catching up on the weekend getaways! I went to 5 terre last May and I was not able to make time to write about it until now! 5 Terre is a region in Italy with 5 adorable villages that you visit either by boat, by train or by foot. It is extremely touristic so I would recommend you to go during June, September or October. I was so lucky to go there with some of my best friends from Mexico that were in Italy for a tour and therefore I could join them for the last bit of their trip.

5 Terre

Riomaggiore, Manarola, Corniglia, Vernazza and Monterosso are the 5 famous villages! We stayed at Le Grazie (not on the map) but it is very close to Portovenere.


I have to be honest with you, the only thing I organised was my train to Milan and then they took care of the rest and I just went with the flow (which is nice from time to time). We slept at Le Grazie, which is not one of the 5 Villages, however you are very close by bus-boat.Hotel della Baia, 5 Terre, Le Grazie

We stayed at Hotel della Baia, I recommend it if you are looking for a mid-range hotel with a nice sea view, less noise than in the 5 Terre and more calm. The rooms were spacious and we were lucky to have a huge terrace in the room to see the view from there. It is not the most luxurious hotel or anything, but it is clean, the service was adorable and they serve breakfast with the sea view.

The pictures below are the views from the hotel: Hotel della Baia Portovenere, Hotel della Baia, 5 Terre, Le Grazie Hotel della Baia, 5 Terre, Le Grazie


If you stay like us in the Le Grazie you will have to take a bus to Portovenere that will then take you to the 5 Villages. The boat costs 27 EUR for the whole day and it drops you on and off in every single place. We also tried the train to go back to Portovenere, it is faster and with less waiting. Many people go there for the hike and the walking and they walk to every single village! I would have love to do that, but we were just for 1.5 days and we did not have time to do this by foot.

Restaurants and eating there: 

I am not sure if you have ever traveled with Mexicans, but it is hard to plan any meals; the plan is actually to eat when we are hungry and that is pretty much it. We tried two restaurants, one I did not like it therefore I will not put it and the second one was pretty amazing and was the Belforte at Vernazza.Belforte Vernazza 5 terre

If you want to have an awesome cool table with the crazy view you NEED to make reservations, we had not an amazing table (because we had no reservation), but we were lucky to have one at least. We ordered anchovies, the octopus, the lobster pasta, and the sea risotto, then for desert we had the Tiramisu (8/10) and a kind of cooked strawberries with ice-cream which was delicious!Belforte Vernazza 5 terreBelforte Vernazza 5 terreBelforte Vernazza 5 terreBelforte Vernazza 5 terreBelforte Vernazza 5 terre

The service is like any other touristic place were they really do not give a S**T about you (sorry for the un-politeness, but it is true) but there were not aggressive at least. I recommend it, because the food is actually very good and the view is really worth it; and of course they are aware of it and are always full so they do not care much about their clients. I hate when that happens because it actually ruins a little bit you experience, being nice is FREE people make an effort!

The rest of the time we ate everything that crossed our path, gelatos, fried fish (like the one in the picture below), we bought prosseco bottles and drank them by the sea, bought sandwiches, chips, mini mozzarellas, chocolate bars and ate them during the day! Sorry I have no other recommendations for a restaurants, but it is the Mexican Style hahaha and to be honest I love it!Fried Fish at 5 terre

I share with you my favorite photos of the trip and below the best way to get there from Geneva! It is a beautiful place worth going once in a lifetime because of the colors, the small zigzaing streets, the cafes, the terraces, the gelatos and beautiful light! If you like photography it is the perfect place to go since you can really trigger some awesome shots there!

I hope you liked it and arrivederchi!

Important Information:

How to get there from Geneva?
By Car: Geneva- Riomaggiore (The First Town) 5h30min

By Train: Geneva-La Spezia Centrale – 7 Hours with a change in Milano Centrale
After arriving to the train station you need to take either another train to the 5 Terre or a Taxi.
I would recommend to do a stop in Milan and stay a night there! Shopping and aperitivi guaranteed!

Best period to go there: June, September and beginning of October  (Summer months are too crowded)

Crazy Mexicans!

Crazy Mexicans!

IMG_2189 5 Terre IMG_2160 IMG_2083 IMG_2057 IMG_2096 IMG_2110 IMG_2118

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