The Vegetable Garden of the Grand Hotel Kempinski Geneva

Create your basquet and Chef Salvatore takes care of the rest!!Il Vero Kempinski

A new concept has arrived to Il Vero, the Italian restaurant of the Grand Hotel Kempinski, and it is located at Le Potager (The vegetable garden in the restaurant’s terrace) . Away from the typical restaurant, inside The Potager you do not chose your menu, you choose your ingredients and Chef Salvatore takes care of the rest!Il Vero Kempinski

We were very spoiled by Chef Salvatore (100% Italian)  and his crew when we were received for a dinner with the rest of the blogging team (I love Travelling, Le Petit Chou, Choisis ton Resto, C’est un detail mais, and the sole male blogger Le dos de la fourchette).  I am very thankful for the wonderful evening he made us experience, I had never experienced such a degree of personalisation and passion for the ingredients as Chef Salvatore made us live trough his cooking! Thank you dearest Marion Talbot, for this unforgettable evening and Executive Chef Richard Vulliet which was very happy to cook for us ↓Il Vero Kempinski

The evening started with a house Bellini (Peach and champagne cocktail) and the introduction of the concept. We never thought that each of us would have a personalised menu with our (blog’s) names on it! One week before we chose our favourite ingredients from the list and boom we had a menu with our choices right in front of our eyes!

It was great because even if we each had our menu, we could taste and share all the other menus too, in case we regretted our previous choice lol! Livingeneva’s menu was the following -> Menu livingeneva 

Starter – Tuna and sea bass tartare with capers, chive, frozen cucumber accompanied with squids, cherry tomatoes, brocolis, octopus, dark olives, celery juice lemon and mint (in love)

Il Vero Kempinski

Followed by a Red pepper Risotto: (Yes this was made for me 😛 )

Il Vero Kempinski

Then we had a life cooking pasta experience: Il Vero Kempinski IMG_3440

And because we were still super hungry we had… THE BBQ!Il Vero Kempinski Il Vero Kempinski

For the rest of the table the starters were the following: Il Vero Kempinski Il Vero Kempinski

Il Vero KempinskiIl Vero Kempinski

The Main CoursesIl Vero Kempinski IMG_3444 Il Vero Kempinski Il Vero Kempinski

The deserts

Each of us had a PERSONALISED desert made from fresh fruits and sorbets! The perfect way to end a delicious meal!   Il Vero Kempinski Il Vero Kempinski Il Vero Kempinski (I pimpted by dessert and added some meringues to make it more caloric jijiji and girly of course)

I believe that the true luxury nowadays is exclusivity and personalisation, having your own menu makes you feel extra special and imagining that a chef created a recipe and menu just for your makes you feel like a movie star! 

This concept is really unique in Geneva and has a real value to it, since it is not everyday that you get to see life cooking and vegetable gardens around you, you really feel like this is an memorable experience. 

You can reserve this garden table for 10- 12 people and arrange a selection of ingredients. It is the perfect event for a memorable occasion and a truthful experience with your beloved ones, Chef Salvatore and his crew will be delighted to welcome you! Just look at their happy faces 🙂 🙂 Il Vero Kempinski

I hope you enjoyed the article and the pictures!

Note: All pictures taken by me, for use please contact before. 

Useful Information:

Schedules: Everyday  from 19h00 to  22h30
 Grand Hotel Kempinski Geneva 
Restaurant’s Website: Il Vero 
Facebook: Grand Hotel Kempinski Geneva 
Telephone for reservations:
+41 (0)22 908 92 24 (Must)
Price: 125 CHF per person
Address: Quai du Mont Blanc 19, 1201 Geneva

(My favorite way to get there from the other side of the lake is to take a Mouette! They leave you right in front of the hotel, check my article about the mouettes here)

 Il Vero Kempinski

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