The Secret of Parisian girls to stay effortless skinny

One of the best well kept secrets and the envy of most women around the world is, How do Parisian girls stay effortless skinny? Well I might not figured it all out, but I found out that one of their weapons is called Swedish Fit! With more than 400 sessions per week in Paris ONLY Swedish Fit is the new phenomenon among French Women.

What is Swedish Fit?  Swedish Fit consists in one hour of dynamic movements like jumping jacks, squads, and relaxed jogging, together with a warming up session and a stretching at the end. It is like a conscious aerobic session with funky music and motivated girls! It is fun, calorie-consuming and budget-wise very convenient!

I tried this new way of exercising and it really matches what I am looking for! It feels like a private club of motivated girls ready to have fun and loose some calories at the same time.  During the session the coach is in the middle and all the participants are facing her. We follow her movements and try to keep as coordinated as possible… not always easy. At the end of the session you have some goooood stretch to relax all the muscles. Its is the perfect balance to move your body without been too aggressive.

Are you ready to join the movement and be effortless skinny as a French woman? Join the team!

Useful Information:

Eaux Vives Ecole de Montchoisy at Rue de Montchoisy 47 – it is a school you have to enter the patio and go to the right after the gate. Then once inside you go to the right and go down the stairs.
Cornavin Station EFP Saint Gervais, Rue Bautte 10 – It is the big Gym opposite from the 22 Cantons bus stop close to Cornavin Station, you enter via de parking space
Schedules: Mon – 19:00 at Cornavin / Tue – 19:00 at Eaux Vives (Intense) / Wed 18:00 & 19:00 at Cornavin 
Facebook: Swedish Fit Geneva
15 CHF the session or 100 CHF for a 10 pack session – Meaning 10 CHF the session

*** First Session for Free ***

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  1. Minguet says:

    Bonjour Diana,

    Super cet article! ça me donne vraiment envie de faire de la gym suédoise…Je sais enfin grâce à toi pourquoi les parisiennes sont si minces 🙂

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