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We all seek to eat better, but also delicious and accessible. For this blog post I collaborated with my  foodie #partnerincrime Nouhad from the most delicious blog in Geneva  to bring you the latest HEALTHY hot spot places in Geneva!


Nouhad & Diana by Studio Norrit

So just for you we have tried, tested, and approved the following places:

ALIVE Geneva:

Neighbourhood: Eaux Vives

Alive Geneva is the new holistic center in Geneva and as you probably saw on my last post (I leave it here in case you did not) they also focus a lot in food!

All their food is Vegan, most of it is Gluten Free and all the desserts are RAW! They also have delicious coffee and Matcha Lattes! MMMMMmmmmMMMmmm We tried it with hazelnut milk 😉

Not only this is fabulous, since they are simply delicious. But also extremely beautiful. If you do not believe me see the picture below:

The chef Odile, smiley and charming knew exactly how to transform a not so sexy cuisine (Raw? Vegetable? Vegan? ) in something beautiful and delicious!

Did we mentioned it is SUPER INSTAGRAMABLE?

You are alive baby!

Why we ♥ : It’s Trendy, it is yummy, and it changes from what we see around.

We love less Ø: You cannot really eat there .. it is more on take-away 🙁

*Text by Diana & Nouhad. Originally in French & translated.

Useful Information:

Website: Alive Geneva
Alive Geneva 
Telephone: +41 22 735 30 75
Address: Rue des Barques 2, 1207 Genève



Green Gorilla Cafe:

Neighbourhood: City Center

It had a soft opening, not a lot of noise at the beginning. It let it’s crew slowly to notice it and love it because of it’s originality. Nouhad and me are already huge fans of this place ♥♥♥♥

What will you find here? Your most deep desires, Açai bowls, Avo Toasts, Green Fresh Salads, Fresh Smoothies and home made Juices. Also grounded coffee and Matcha Latte!

Now your breakfast will look just like the ones of your favourite It-Girls from instagram. Thank you Green Gorilla for making our #foodieinstagram dreams come true!

You will love it, your body will love it and you are welcome!

Why we ♥ : It is becoming the #placetobe for the early birds and it is super central. Congrats!

We love less Ø: The place is tiny, so it is hard to just stay there forever and feel the vibeeee

*Text by  Nouhad. Originally in French & translated.

Useful Information:

Facebook: Green Gorilla
Green Gorilla Cafe
Address: Rue de la Confederation 8, 1204 Genève



Neighbourhood: Carouge

Between a shop and a smoothies-bar this place is exaclty what Carouge was missing. At the front you will find all the products sold there.

Talk about: Power Foods, Detox Teas, Green Juices… in short everything to do a DETOX.

On the back you have a counter, the barmaid will welcome you and prepare to you a delicious seasonal smoothie. It all depends on your mood, they have so many choices!

You can buy everything to start your own detox and the the beginning of a healthier journey!

Why we ♥ : The variety of products they have is amazing! Raw Cacao, MACA, TEATOX etc. Things you cannot find easily in Geneva.

We love less Ø: It is a little far-away if you do not live in Carouge center. But it is a great excuse to visit!

Useful Information:

Website: Detox Corner 
Detox Corner
Telephone: +41 22 343 24 24
Address: 50 rue Ancienne, 1227 Carouge

Smoothies – by LIVINGENEVA

Detox Corner – By Livingeneva


There are 2 new ONLINE Spots to put the finger on and keep a close eye too. They do not have a “shop” or restaurant, but they help us eat healthy anywhere!


Delivery in Carouge & Geneva

Laetitia & Martin call themselves the “ball rollers”, as a matter of fact, proposes these power balls or energy balls at an absolutely reasonable price of 2 CHF (cheaper than a Kinder Bueno and more Bueno for you).

These tiny little things are enjoyed as a candy or chocolate (honestly 1 or 2 are more than enough); simply for the joy, the joy of having something good for your body!

With their different flavours, some more original than other, these home made natural delicacies, nourish you and do good to your body. A concentration of  natural nutriments that are all super good for you! Go Go Go!

Why we ♥ : Perfect for a 4-o-clock snack or after a meal!

We love less Ø: The packaging is not easy for transport.

Useful Information:






Say hello to your new best friend for when-you-do-not-have-time-to-prepare-your-lunch! I love eating healthy when I am at the office, since I go out to the restaurant so much I try to keep it extra healthy in between (call it balance?). So I usually prepare my lunch for the week.

However, life gets hectic, time flies and I have no time… stress what am I going to eat for lunch? Lucky me I found Turnip Eat Better. They deliver healthy lunches to all the main Geneva offices every week day.

SIMPLE. Order through their app before 11am and you will have your fresh home made lunch before 12:30. Ahhhh what a satisfaction, it is like having a home chef that delivers to you your favourite foods. Smoothies, Vegan options, Cauliflower rice, Power Balls you name it they have it!

Thank you MELISSA & HANNAH for thinking of us busy women and our health (and making our lives much much easier).

Oh and the prices? Cheaper than having a greasy pizza next door. Believe me, check their page.

You are welcome 😉

Why we ♥ : Fuss free healthy lunch delivered to you… haven’t we repeated it enough? D.E.L.I.V.E.R.E.D

We love less Ø: If we have to find something… maybe the fact that when it is 12:00 and you realize you forgot your lunch you are sad… because you cannot order Turnip … sniff.

Useful Information:

Website: Turnip


VOILA! These are our recommendations for the NEW-HYPE-COOL places to eat healthy (er) around our beautiful city. We hope you like them, we hope you will try them and we hope to see you soon at:

Instagram —> ChoisistonResto!

Instagram —-> LivinGeneva !

See you soon!

Nouhad & Diana

Diana & Nouhad by Studio Norrit

Photos of Nouhad & Me by Rita of Studio Norrit.

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