Le Spa by Sisley at Le Richemond

Remember I wrote a hotel report about Le Richemond not a long time ago? Well, I skipped a major part which was THE SPA BY SISLEY, I wanted to have a separate article about it to make it more special. I believe it is a destination by itself where you can spend the day and enjoy yourself. Geneva Blog:Le Richemon:d Geneva, Dorchester CollectionLe Spa features 5 traditional treatment cabins, including a double one that can be booked for special treatments (couples, friends, mother & daughter, etc.). A side from the traditional cabins, a Thaï massage room is available for an exclusive Thaï massage session provided only by a professional Thaï therapist. All products used are Sisley products and the range of treatments is just amazing!Geneva Blog: Le Richemond Geneva, Dorchester Collection

I had the Deep Massage (60min), perfect for relaxation and invigorating the body. It had been quite a while since I had a massage. Not sure why I had developed this fear of having a stranger touching me with oily hands… I used to have goosebumps just thinking about it. So, I decided to cross the line and go for it, I am so happy I did that! I love it! At the beginning I was a little tense, but as the massage went through I was able to completely let go and enjoy every bit of it.  Geneva Blog: Le Richemond Geneva, Dorchester Collection

The massage itself was amazing, the right amount of pressure to relax, but not too much to make it unbearable. I came out relaxed as a baby 🙂

Afterwards, I went to the relaxation area to read a magazine and rest a little bit. You can do that before your treatment too. I recommend to call and ask depending on your treatment if it is better to go before or after.Geneva Blog: Le Richemond Geneva, Dorchester Collection

This area is amazing and has little treat such as berries, ginger tea and fresh water. 

The great thing about Le Spa is that it opens on Sundays (Yeeeeiiii), that of course it is open to public, and that is very central. The Spa itself is not big which makes it very urban, intimate and cozy at the same time. Hope you enjoyed the post and your future treatment hihihi

**All Photographs courtesy of Le Richemond**

Useful Information:

Schedules: Every day from 7:00 to 22:00 and the treatments are offered from 10:00am to 8:00pm.
Le Spa by Sisley
Price for a massage: 60 min 195 CHF check all treatments and prices here
Telephone for reservations:
+41 (0) 22 715 7000
Facebook: Le Richemond
Instagram: Le Richemond 
Address: Jardin Brunswick, Rue Adhémar-Fabri 8-10, CH-1201, Geneva 
Bus Stop: Alpes (1), or  Quai du Mont Blanc (Mouettes)

Double Cabin

Double Cabin


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