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My last Geneva treasure discovery is this precious boutique. Everything you have always dream of is here… or at least I can speak for myself (as I usually do). From Hermes to Chanel passing by Valentino, Dolce Gabanna & Dior all the treasure your soul need are there.

You might love me or hate me for telling you about this. Since if you go to this shop you might spend 10 thousand more than in an average shop; or you might love me because you will find that rare Hermes color you’ve been longing for.


Lilia the owner, will welcome you with a huge smile. She has owned the boutique for more than 10 years and is proud of her clients and precious collections. Everything is in impeccable condition and rarely worn, honestly I think you could find more color options of a Kelly Bag than in an Hermes boutique!


In this society were everything is disposable, use once, consume until you die… I feel comfort entering in these vintage and second hand shops. I feel like things, objects, clothes and accessories get to have a second chance. Also in these shops I have bought things I could never afford new and they are of a unique, super high quality that will last a long long time! 


Some of my other favorite Vintage & Second Hand boutiques:

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Do you like Vintage and Luxury second hand shops? Which one is your favorite?

Useful Information:

Schedules : Tue-Fri 10:30 – 18:30 , Sat with appointment 
Vintage Garderobe
Facebook:  Vintage Garderobe
Address: 11, Rue Henri-Mussard Geneva 1208

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