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Captura de pantalla 2015-03-27 a las 01.05.37Since I stepped in Switzerland 6 years ago (I have to constantly repeat myself that it has been more than 6 years…. time flies) I started to develop a deep need of online shopping. From Mexico, City to → tiny, winy, no-shopping-malls-in-the-distance-super-cute Swiss town I felt the urge to shop every now and then; however, it was a little bit difficult since I did not have a car nor there were shopping options at sight.

I then began to discover the wonders of online shopping (love at first sight! ), of course at the beginning it is like dating, you have to know each other; do I like him? do we fit together? what if he is a scam? Imagine if my mother does not like him! Should I introduce him to my friends? Ok, ok enough of metaphors, it is true that it is not easy to find a brand that fits you perfectly, and eventually you will have a broken heart now and then and you will  say to yourself you will never ever buy again online in your life (until next time… ). So here is how I started:

Clothes and Accessories:

I started with, and I still buy a lot of things there! The benefits? They have free world wide shipping and it is not expensive at all! I think it is still my favorite website for online shopping. They have great sales and you can buy accessories, shoes (careful with the sizes I have been disappointed several times), dresses, bags and clothes in general. What caught me really is that they have catwalk videos, that help you realize if the dress has the material you want or the flow you asos

Another favorite is, I buy here because I know really well my size, however, I am not sure if I would adventure just like that if you do not know you UK size exactly. From the same style there is a mayor growing one, Zalando, the best thing about it is that they deliver you order from Switzerland so you do not pay extra import taxes, also all returns are free.


For more upscale shopping my favorite is , they have great brands and a super customer service. I really recommend it. Last, but not least you have the department stores from the US, they ship to Switzerland without any issue: Neimanmarcus, Nordstrom, and Saks Fifth Avenue . I already ordered gowns from them and received intact and on time!

Decor, vintage and more:

Another website I love is, I discovered it when planning for our wedding and immediately spend hours and hours scrolling through the different shops, categories and products. This website is not like asos, it is more like an Ebay of vintage and handmade. Each person has a shop, and they have their own products, then  people review the service, the quality and the product itself and like this you can be sure that it is a good choice. At Etsy I found the table numbers for our wedding, the bolero I used in our wedding was shipped from the US (custom made ), and I have also ordered a fascinator that I chose the color, model and size. No disappointment! You have sooooo many things there, from jewelry to vintage clothes, passing through  furniture, art paintings, decor, and many many more… you name it, it is there!


For everything else there is always Amazon, they are and will always be the masters of logistics on online shopping. They have everything, in every color, and every shape. I recently order some DVDs, a box to organize all my business cards and a cap lens for my camera. You can really find anything!

Canon Rebel

In resume, you can really buy anything online and I believe that it is a great tool we have nowadays. However it is always recommended to keep an open eye to avoid disapointement, so I put together some Do’s and Don’t s for you:


  1. Only buy from know retailers and trusted websites, there are a lot of scams and fake websites out there.
  2. Read the materials in the fabrics, make sure that it is what you need.
  3. Know you size and know the brands, if you are experiencing new brands make sure you have free returns. Measure yourself and compare to the measure charts, there is always one on the online stores.
  4. Do use the wish list and try to avoid shopping everything you like… I use the wish lists a lot in order to have a second thought about it; many times when I get back to it I realize I didn’t really need it.
  5. Be careful with the payment methods, PayPal is always a good idea, if this is not the option check if they have a 3D secure or online signature.

DON’T s:

  1. By experience, do not order something if you know you have a chance to leave or the time of delivery is too tight. Once I was in Mexico and had to send a handwritten letter to a friend in Switzerland so she could pickup my package at the Post Office (a total mess).
  2. Just like ordinary shopping, DO NOT order a size too small saying that you will loose weight to wear it ; once you receive it you will be disappointed, angry and that fabulous dress will be hanging in your closet for a long time. Order only true to size clothes that you know will fit right, the main reason for  online shopping is that you can wear the things you order immediately.
  3. DO NOT try to innovate your style online, order basics, must have pieces that you know they will fit well and that are great for your body type. If you want to adventure on a new playsuit and you have never tried one before, I recommend to go to a boutique try one and then try to order one online.
  4. Shoes are always a dilemma, I have had bad bad experiences with shoes. Regardless of the brands, type of shoes and materials I never get it right. Once I order at a pair of court shoes and fitted perfectly and the second time (same brand) they were too big! DO NOT order shoes unless it is a model you have tried before and you know it fit perfectly.

Are you a big online shopper too? I hope you enjoyed the post!


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