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I know  I have been very  foodie lately with the posts. I guess it is my natural habitat 🙂

This time I wanted to share with you a discovery and a great idea for a birthday gift, or a Romantic dinner on a monthly basis with your beloved one. The concept is Edmond Cuisine, it is a subscription Italian Box that delivers to your house every month a ready-to-cook dinner for either 2-4 people. The box includes:

  • The Starter / Appetizers
  • The Main Course
  • Dessert
  • Bottle of Wine
  • Explanation of the ingredients and products you have received, making the experience fully complete!

You can use the code LIVINGENEVA for a 15% discount on the first subscription! 


What was in my first Edmond Cuisine Box?

Aha! You are starting to get curious right? Well I received the Liguria Box curated by Chef Matteo Costa, he runs a restaurant Le Cicale in the heart of Genoa.

My Menu was the following:

****Starter ****
Cream of Tuna & Orange
Panigaccio with Mostardella Salami & Delicious local Cheese

*** Main Course ***
Croxetti Pasta with Genoese Pesto Sauce

*** Dessert***
A local Sweet treat made with Olive Oil instead of Butter 

*** Wine***
Vermentino Colli di luni “Boboli” 2015 by Giacomelli
White – Organic 

All the elements in the Box

I have to be honest, the box was set for 2, but we actually ate also the following day since there is a lot of food! The cheese was amazing, also the Pesto and the Mostardella that have to be cooked; I tried them raw and it was not the same taste. The wine was also very very good and was perfectly married to the rest of the food.

Local Cheese

Edmond Cuisine Box  in 6 points:

  1. Food: Italian! Ready-to-cook dinner! Discover an Italian region every month!
  2. Concept: Subscription based – you choose your box and your plan! 12 MONTHS, 6, 3 or Month to Month!
  3. Prices: Boxes start from 69 CHF per box for a dinner for 2.
  4. LivinGeneva tips: You have 15% off with your first subscription use: LIVINGENEVA. Also, you can order your favorite products from previous boxes too! They have an e-shop.

Would I recommend it?

Definitely! It is a super fun way to discover so many different Italian regions by their food. That is the best (and only) way to get immersed in a culture. I loved how nothing is left a loose end, the products are of the highest quality

I loved the concept for either 2 occasions:

  1. Fixed Dinner Date – The first one I thought it would be cool to make a fixed dinner date with either you partner or a very good friend. Like this you know that you have a moment each month for a dinner at home, with the Menu already planned and just a couple of minutes to finish the cooking. It could be a great opportunity to have a romantic moment once a month (without excuses).
  2. Birthday Present! I thought it could be the perfect B-DAY gift for that foodie friend of yours. Dont you think? Any foodies dream is to receive a BOX FULL OF FOOD each month by your doorstep! Brilliant!

I hope you liked this new discovery and let me know if you have tried it before! What do you think? Do you like these types of Subscription Boxes?

The Wine

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Sweet Treat


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