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I discovered Avinas a couple of years ago in a Pop-up corner. I immediately felt attracted to the shinning stand full of delicate little jewels and classic beautiful rings, earrings, bracelets and more. I probably bought 3 rings at the same time, and if my wallet would have let me I would have probably have bought 10. Geneva blog: Avinas Jewelry

I kind of forgot about them since I had to force myself to put some money aside for other projects, however when I received the email of the last collection I was super excited and thought that the collection was absolutely amazing. Perfect for the summer and warmer days, boho-chic and delicate at the same time.

My obsession? This green ring that I wear as an uniform:

Avinas Green Opal Ring

Avinas Green Opal Ring

LivinGeneva Diana (812)

Me wearing the green opal ring 🙂 ©zoewahlphotography

Why am I talking about this brand? Because mainly it is based in Geneva and I happen to have met Fabienne personally after falling in love with her creations. Maybe you remember she was the bonus gift of my 10 Swiss gifts for less than 100 CHF.

Important to know: Her creations are from recycled 925 sterling silver  with an 18K gold plating or rhodium plating. She uses CZ and semi-precious stones provided by fair-trade. This makes it a sustainable, creative, Swiss brand with unique and beautiful creations – in short everything I love!!Geneva blog: Avinas Jewelry

You can buy Avinas in Globus and Bongénie Grieder G-Point in Geneva and also on her website directly (psst they ship world wide and free within Switzerland!)

Clearly I am obsessed with green

Clearly I am obsessed with green

Useful Information:

Website: Avinas Jewelry 
Facebook: Avinas Jewelry
Instagram: Avinas Instagram
Prices: Rings from 149 CHF 

Geneva blog: Avinas Geneva blog: Avinas JewelryGeneva blog: Avinas Jewelry

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