Shop: Salsas La Milagrosa (Yes! here in Geneva!)

You know that moment when you have the Home Sickness to the TOP and all you want is food from home and the taste of your grandmas’ cuisine? 

Well I waited to long to share this with you (sorry for that), sometimes I wonder where times goes by!! I met Alberto (complete name:Alberto Valdespino) almost 2 years ago, when we talked to me about his family business Salsas La Milagrosa. I was obsessed about it since day 1 and every time a Mexican steps in Geneva soil I make sure they know about this brand and that they buy as much as possible! 

I shared Alberto Valdespino’s Salsas on my article about 5 Mexican Enterpreneurs You should know in Geneva

So, now I want to shout it to the world (aka my Geneva world) that these Mexican Salsas are the best thing that can happen to you if you love spices and that they are so good you eat them with everything!

The Green (the least spicy of the 3) with Chile Cuaresmeño!


I love making Ratatouille with it, Alberto puts it even on Raclette and in any dish it brings a “Caliente” feeling. 

With a smoked flavour, this one is a personal favorite!

Habanero is one the strongest spices in Mexico! Go mild with this one 😉

If you are a Spicy fan and can’t live without your dose of “Spicy Chiles Mexicanos” give Alberto a ring or check their website to order some! 

Have fun … and be careful if you are not used to it!!

Useful Information:

Facebook: Milagrosa Facebook
Telephone for orders: +41 (0) 76 562 48 01

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