Restaurant: Le Neptune (Truffle Menu)

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Welcome again to my blog! This time I want to take you to Le Neptune, a Gastronomical restaurant located Geneva close to the Rhine River. I have heard so many good things about this restaurant I am super happy to finally have tried it!

As soon as you walk you feel like stepping into another universe. The lighting is low, the tables are set wide apart to create at atmosphere of privacy and intimacy. People speak low as well as to keep hidden this secret universe inside this LOFT STYLE Decorated restaurant.

As soon as I stepped in Nicolas (the owner and Chef) welcomed me with a big smile, he showed me to our table that was perfectly located in the right corner of the room. Nicolas is a talented Chef that opened 2 years ago (today is the Birthday!) Le Neptune and has encountered great success with it. He earned 15 points at Gault Millau & has been awarded with the highest note below the Michelin Star at Michelin.

Aperitivo at Le Neptune

We were lucky to have the truffle menu available, you should never skip a Truffle Menu, it is always worth it! Emmanuel chose the traditional Menu.

This is how it works at Le Neptune, you have 1 Menu and you either chose 1,2 or 3 main courses. If not you will always have 3 starters & dessert. I love this method since you do not need to complicate yourself on what to choose. Of course, you need to be able to eat EVERYTHING and the most important trust the Chef.

Fera, caviar citrus, panicaut

This is what we ate:

Oyster, leek bouillon, cedar

This was explendind! Even if the picture does not do justice to the taste at all. This was a true first one for me in term of eating oysters… a delight! The juice is made of a reduction of leek that gives it a very fine and unique flavor the oysters were slighlty warm.

Scallops, Truffle, Saumur

Again with seafood, I delighted the scallops very well condimented with truffle.

Salsify, truffle & sour milk

Spectacular! And Bravo for the chef, since I do not particulary like Salsify. But this time, I did not have any issue on eating it.

Poularde de Bresse, Savagnin, truffle

Perfectly cooked the Poularde de Bresse brings the best she can offer, the true and exquisite taste of poulty at its finest. Together with the truffle it gave it a home made feeling of a good Christmas dinner.

The sweet touch!

Chocolate pie, truffle sorbet

The sweet touch!

For the wines, Nicolas was our guide and we let him choose whichever was good for the food we were having. If you want to know more I will add some pictures at the end of the article.

I loved the place! The food is spectacular, together with the atmosphere there is around you. Do not be afraid of the Menu, just let yourself carry by Nicolas and his talent in the kitchen. That is the beauty if it!

Le Neptune in 6 points:

  1. Food: Gastronomical Cuisine, very refined mets with original ingredients. Everything tuned perfectly.
  2. Concept: Single Menu with options of 1,2 or 3 Main courses (small portions)
  3. Atmosphere: Modern, calm, low-light, perfect for an important date where food and long talks are on the spotlight.
  4. Prices: Menus from 70 CHF – With wines + 50 CHF
  5. Location: Very Close to Rue du Stand
  6. LivinGeneva tips: When going take your time, there is no rush… 🙂 this place is to be enjoyed.

Useful Information:

Schedules : Lunch & Dinner – Monday to Friday
Website: Le Neptune
Le Neptune Instagram 
Facebook: Le Neptune Facebook 
Telephone for reservations: +41 22 320 15 05
Address:  Coulouvrenière 38 — 1204 Genève


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Suckling lamb, sweet onion


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      Dear Albert!
      Thank you very much for your comment. I am trying to get better at my pictures, I am happy you appreciate.
      The restaurant is really fantastic and the concept is original and the food, exquisite!

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