Restaurant: La Bottega (1* Michelin Star)

The restaurant everyone is talking about in Geneva is definitely La Bottega. Why? Because it has charmed it guests with a unique and refined Italian cuisine and has also charmed the famous Michelin Guide experts that gave them a One Michelin star  4 months after their opening.Geneva Blog: La Bottega

What to expect when you go to La Bottega?

You will have a very friendly service, with amazing Italian food, fresh ingredients, relaxed instyle decoration and an amazing wine list.

First of all you will have a reduced menu, 3 Antipasti, 3 Primi (pasta and risotto) and 3 Secondi (Main). This is a good sign of fresh and seasonal ingredients and it makes it easier to decide too….. even though I had a hard time choosing anyways because everything looked so good!Geneva Blog: La Bottega

The decoration is super nice, I love the style of wooden tables, nice floors, very bright and white. The walls are decorated with Maps from de 40’s and the tables with a mini olive tree. I believe it is the right choice for this type of space since it only has one window to the street and the rest is like a big hall to the back. In the middle you will find the kitchen and you can see the cooks doing their magic.Geneva Blog: La Bottega

The Service

For my taste and for a Michelin Stared restaurant way too relaxed, but super friendly and fun. I guess I am used to expect a higher degree of seriousness when talking about a Michelin Stared restaurant. This is definitely the most modern Michelin Stared restaurant I have been too;  the Maitre d’Hotel is making jokes and wearing black suspenders while opening a bottle of Vigna Alla Sughera Toscana 2009 (By the way I recommend it 100%) .Geneva Blog: La Bottega Geneva Blog: La Bottega

The Food
Amazing! From the Starter to the Dessert I was not at all disappointed and I tried a big part of the Menu. I ordered the Scallops with Jerusalem Artichokes and Sea Urchin. A delight! My friends ordered the Beef Tartare with Mayonnaise and the Crab one. Their full menu hereGeneva Blog: La Bottega
Geneva Blog: La Bottega

What I loved about the cuisine was the presence of the real ingredients, the flavours were stong without overwhelming one another. For example in the Tartare, the beef was freshly cut (by knife obviously) and had the right about of delicate drops of EVO Toscano Mayonnaise to enhance the flavours! This one was my favourite starter! Geneva Blog: La Bottega

Going to the Primi and Secondi we ordered twice the beef,  the Pasta with Anchoives and  the Pigeon Ravioli. I was delighted by the beef and the softness of it, the cooking was achieved and the siders were correctly proportioned. As much as I love eating it is nice to not feel like a hot ballon every time you go to the restaurant; at La Bottega the proportions are human size so you can eat several plates. Geneva Blog: La Bottega Geneva Blog: La Bottega Geneva Blog: La Bottega

We are arriving to the sweet part with the desserts. I would like to congratulate the pastry chef Olivia Cappelletti (pic below) for her extraordinary job in re-visiting the tiramisu. Geneva Blog: La Bottega CappelllettiI LOVE TIRAMISU and I usually hate when they try to modify the recipe or try to do something else; however, here I was thrilled and loved it until de last bite. MEGA fluffy with crispy parts inside and something like a coffee sorbet in the middle. It is hard to explain how it was done, but it was awesome, explosive and  unexpected, the flavours were there, but the textures kept surprising my palate.Geneva Blog: La Bottega

In our table we order also the Strudel, but I was too busy eating my Tiramisu that I did not even bother to try the other dessert… oops! It looked good though.Geneva Blog: La Bottega

Well there you go, this was my experience in La Bottega, I was really looking forward to it and was not disappointed. The prices of course go along with good food, so expect to have a nice bill at the end, specially if you order wine.

I would like to thank  for sponsoring my dinner and making me experience this great restaurant.

You can check all the information about the restaurant following this link for La Bottega!



PS- Please note that it is closed during the weekend Saturday and Sunday.

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