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Our relationship with food is not the easiest one, I know… the more we eat the more we want to know and the more we know about it the more scary it seems, right?

The bowls!

I LOVE food, and I definitely enjoy eating A LOT and I also like cooking. And the more I am into it, the more I learn about: where does it come from, why do we eat this and that, what ingredients, is it organic? what is gluten, why Vegan? etc, etc.

Takinoa Eaux Vives

So, the more you ask yourself these questions; the more you look for alternatives and places that offer what you are looking for and also you are more careful with what you eat. I learned about Takinoa recently, and loved their concept since the beginning.

♣Local Products – Check
♣Variety & Flavour – Check
♣Vegan and Vegeterian Options – Check
♣Reduced Waste and Reusable packaging – Check
♣WIFI (MAJOR important for a blogger) – Check

Me enjoying my Chia Pudding

So it is the perfect place for a grab-n-go lunch or a stay-sit-n-work place too. Since even if the food is mainly presented on a fridge, you can also have a soup or a wrap and sit in one of the tables at the rear end and eat a quiet lunch.

I went there for lunch with my favorite food blogger in Geneva Nouhad from she is a big fan of this place and she told be before it was a great option for a light lunch during a busy week!

We went there together (thank you for the pictures BTW) and had both different things:

Daily bowl, prawns & lentil salad

Chia Pudding

TAKINOA in 6 points:

  1. Food: quick healthy break or lunch – Vegan, vegeterian, lactose-free, gluten-free options available (but not only!)
  2. Concept: Take-away or eat there – both are good and available
  3. Atmosphere: Laid-back, bring your computer, WIFI available, you get it!
  4. Prices: Salads from 11 CHF, side dishes at 2.30 CHF and bowls at 16 CHF
  5. Location: Three locations in Geneva; 1) Eaux Vives , 2)FNAC , 3) Restaurant du Nations Business Center
  6. LivinGeneva tips: The one in Eaux-Vives is not far from the lake. Grab your lunch and picnic by the lake!

Takinoa comes from the phonetic of Quinoa and also Taki that is quick. No that is the non existence. Putting it together – there are places where quickness and fast does not exist.

They also avoid using plastic containers, they use reusable glass containers as the bowls. They prefer local products and as much as possible use Organic & BIO.

Useful Information for Eaux Vives:

Schedules : Mon-Fri 11:00 – 18:00
Facebook:  Takinoa FB 
Address: Rue du Nant 12, 1207 Geneva

*** All pictures are mine, please request before using***

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