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Dear readers,

As I told you in a previous post, I will be having more time to spend on the blog now that I am not working full time; and I am super exited about it! As part of my new article-diversity I would like to include once a month a “Virtual Spot” of mine, it can be another blog, a online shopping website, an online magazine, etc.

This will give you a better idea of life in Switzerland and also the type of things we have access to; as previously said in the Shopping Do’s and Don’t s article, if you order from websites that are not Swiss based you will have to pay an “Additional Tax” that will come by surprise when you receive your article and this is not very pleasant 🙁

Lately I discovered a website called Street One that delivers to Switzerland without adding the tax costs since it is based in the area! The style is feminine, everyday wear and to-go basics, all the things that we need on an everyday life, but with a girly touch!

For example in my latest e-shopping spree I bought this cool top that is at the same time an all-time-basic, but also has a fun side to it. The front is like a normal sleeveless black top, and in the back it is pleated! Perfect for the festival season, to go out, chill by the pool or do some more shopping:

Street One Street OneStreetone It is quite cool, don’t you think? They deliver for free from 39 chf of purchase which is really correct and take the chance that they are now on sale! Look at me wearing it for Paleo 2015!! Paleo 2015 with street one Paleo with Street One

I hope you enjoyed this type of article! I can’t wait to share more things with you!

Have a lovely (and super mega hot) summer!!


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