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I started this Pick-of-the-Month category last month and was really exited about the previous post! This month’s POTM (Pick of the month) is about a blog I discovered a few weeks ago whilst surfing on the web (something I rarely do 😉 ). I needed intense inspiration and started looking for travel and food blogs, I came across numerous top quality blogs: however, one really caught my eye: Manger.mimicheers-710x536

In order to know why I got obsessed about this blog, you first have to know a little more  about me. I studied hospitality administration in Switzerland following one of my biggest passions, FOOD and SERVICE, I have always been very keen to welcoming people, cooking, baking, aesthetic visuals, food presentation, photographs, colors, warmth and beauty in general. By beauty I do not mean photoshop perfect beauty, I mean the beauty that surrounds us everyday like, fresh tomatoes, a flower, a sunset, a storm and all that nature gives us everyday as a sign of beauty around us.chicken-710x536

I found this and more at Manger, actually it was exactly what I was looking for. The beautiful images become thoughts, the thought become recipes and the recipes become stories that Mimi tells through her blog. This blog tells the story about a family living in Medoc, France with 7 children multiple dogs and to-die-for recipes, the images are inspiring and let you crave for more! They opened a “Table d’Hote” in their house where you can make reservations, if you are in the neighbourhood do not hesitate to go!coq-710x473

I wont say more, I will let you drawn into it and fall in love with the images and text.

I hope you enjoy it!

Note: All pictures are of course from the Blog  Manger and are taken by her talented  Icelandic photographer husband, Oddur. 


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