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Third Pick of the Month for LivinGeneva! I am happy with the response from the previous blog posts related to the POTM, I think  it changes from the usual articles relates to spots in particular. This month I chose a Limo service to make the deal! I hope you like it!

Once in a while we need an additional service, don’t we? I know that after a weekend or a faraway vacation I do not feel like dragging my 2435376 suitcases in the train and then tram in order to get home.  So, last week I tested a new service called Limos4Geneva.Geneva Blog: Limos4Geneva

Their customer service is super nice and tries as much as they can to please their customers, it is not those types of customer service were they keep you waiting with Vivaldi for 3 hours. After my reservation was made I received an email and a phone call confirming my date and arrival time. In case your flight is delayed they check it and will wait for you, no need to inform them since they are tracking the flights.

I caught a super early flight and arrived to Geneva at 8:10 am, honestly I did not have the courage of taking the train/bus to get to work. Therefore, I was super pleased to have Limos4Geneva’s chauffeur, Mr Sabri Bouchal waiting for me at the arrivals with a little sign with my name; it is nice to know that someone is expecting you at the airport. I know that it is a complete stranger, but still, it is a nice feeling to be welcomed 🙂Geneva blog: Limos4Geneva

Limos4Geneva’s chauffeur helped me with my luggage and we walked to the car. The car was a Mercedes Class S, a pretty awesome car, and super big, I could stretch my legs in the back. Ok, I do not measure 2ms, but it was definitely an upgrade from the airplane LOL!

Limos4Geneva’s chauffeurs are always dressed very smartly and their grooming is impeccable, delightful details I like to notice.  I believe that dressing to the standards of the service shows respect to the customer and also makes the chauffer feel proud about their work.  I learned this in hospitality school since they are very strict with grooming at hotels and I understand why; if the person that delivers the service does not give the image the company wants to communicate the “magic” can be lost.Geneva Blog: Limos4Geneva

Going on with my riiiiiiide, the car was amazing! I had 2 little bottles of water (which I drank immediately because I was dying of thirst), you can charge your phone, you can watch DVDs or the TV and wait for the best part …. WIFI!! Yes people this is real and possible, they have unlimited WIFI in the car; do not ask me how this works but it does and it is awesome (especially for WIFI addicted people like me).  If I wanted to I could even blog, write and article and posting while enjoying a ride, how awesome is that?!Geneva Blog: Limos4GenevaGeneva blog: Limos4Geneva

In the car there is also a little cushion in the back of the head and beneath the elbows to make is Xtra comfortable… I have to admit that I had a hard time to quit the car and start a Monday morning working day… but at least I arrived relaxed and in a very comfortable way 🙂

Please see the pictures below of the actual car:Geneva Blog: Limos4Geneva Geneva Blog: Limos4Geneva

They have additional services such as sightseeing tours and excursions to visit Geneva or go to Gruyère, Le Mirador Kempinski or around the area. They also provide ski transfers to the stations close to Geneva such as Verbier, Megève and Chamonix, so no need to worry about the transfer hassle of the Taxi waiting with all your ski gear.Geneva Blog: Limos4Geneva

Now, let’s talk about costs… I know less fun than unlimited car WIFI but it is important to know. The quotes are different from each other of course and are personalized to the service, but to give you an idea for a full day service (8 hours and 200km) it is 660 CHF in a Class E and a single ride from the center to the airport will be around 100 CHF (considering that a taxi ride can go up to 70 CHF when you have a lot of luggage) so it is actually a big upgrade for not a big price difference.  It is also practical if you need a car at your service for all day or organizing an event since they car cars for 9 and up to 16 people!

They are easy to contact on their social media and telephone (I will give the details below) and are responsive on urgent matters too.  I appreciate the SERVICE attitude, which is very present in all the steps of the way and what we are all finally looking for, a smile, an attention and a warm welcome home after a super early flight!

PS- They are also present in Zurich, Geneva, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Munich, Brussels, Barcelona, Helsinki, Oslo, Paris, Rome, Frankfurt, London, Los Angeles, New York, New Jersey.

Useful Information:

Schedules: 24/7
Telephone for reservations: +44 2081 333 495 / +45 3695 99 55 / +19 729 245 252
Prices: Upon request
Facebook: Limos4 Facebook
Twitter: Limos4 Twitter
GOOGLE +: Limos4 Google+
Email:  info@limos4.net 


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