Interview: Panamy, the art of giving flowers

What happens when you put together La Durée, Tiffany, gorgeous flowers and you put it all inside an adorable blue box? Let me give you a hint… Panamy happens!peonies_rosa_2

Panamy was introduced to be by a friend that happens to know Martin the founder of this beautiful brand, and I immediately fell in love with the colors, the concept, the attention to detail and the flowers of course! Since she talked to me about it, it stayed in my head and I knew that when I started the blog I wanted to make an article about it.

I asked Martin for an interview in order to discover more about his product and the magical world of flowers. I hope you enjoy the interview! Meet Martin Schgaguler↓martin_web2

LG: When was the foundation of Panamy? 
M: 2 years ago, March 2013

LG: What is your professional background?
M: I studied Graphic Design, and had a previous experience in Academy.

LG: What made you adventure into the flower business? Did you had any experience in flowers?
M: I used to buy a lot of flowers for my wife, I like the product. No I did not had previous experience in flowers.

LG: Now, lets talk about Panamy. What does Panamy mean, does it have a special meaning? 
M: The name is a personal creation. Pan- means connecting or involve in Greek and Amy- comes from amara (italian) Love. So to make the long story short it means connecting love.

LG: Where does the flowers come from?
M: All roses come from Ecuador, from a fairtrade farm, and during Spring peonies are from Geneva and local places.Il-Levante_grey

LG: Do you change flowers during season?
M: Only peonies during Spring.

LG: What do you expect people to feel when they receive this beautiful Panamy box?  
M: They should feel that the person that sent them is sharing their love. They have to feel that this very special present is done with much care and love.

LG: How do you see Panamy in the future? Are you planning on expanding in CH? Open a boutique, an app maybe? 
M: For the moment we are not planning on opening a retail space. Probably international expansion and a new upcoming webpage!

LG: Last but not least, could you describe Panamy in one small phrase? 
M: Deliver Happiness

Livingeneva: I have to admit I have not bought myself a Panamy Box… I think I am going to wait for a special accomplishment to offer myself this beautiful box of nature’s jewels! My favorite so far? Definitely these peonies: PANAMY Peonies

Useful Information:

Webpage: Panamy
 +41 (0) 797 238 286
Facebook: Panamy
Instagram: Panamy insta
Price: From 99 CHF Pink_grey

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