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6. ZLB ZOE VOICE AmbianceYou might have heard some rumors about Geneva’s nightlife… whether they are positive or negative I believe that if you search well you can find the right thing for you.

If you are looking for a place with good music, chilled people and great drinks this is it. The atmosphere is every relaxed, people are there to have a good time and dance while at it; it is not at all a pretentious club like you might find in Geneva.

What I like the most about Zoe?

Definitely the music! They usually have live music (that is the whole point of it) at the beginning of the night and then a DJ fires up the dance floor with the latest tunes; I have to accept it is hard to leave once you’ve warmed up and ready to dance until the wee hours.

 4. ZLB Vue Salle

They have a special method of payment, here are the steps: (1) when you arrive they give you a ZOEBAR Card*,(2) then you go to the bar and ask for your favorite drink, (3) then they swipe your ZOEBAR card and give you your drink and (4) that’s it! No, not so fast, before leaving the ZOE they swipe it again and OH! surprise (5) they give you the bill. I would recommend tracking your drinks in your head to avoid bad surprises, however I think it is a smart method to avoid taking your money out every time and also it makes the service faster. The average drink is 19CHF which is correct for Geneva 🙂

*The entrance is always free, which means they offer you the live show every night. Also there is a minimun spending requested depending on the day: 15CHF (Tuesday and Wednesday) or 30CHF (Thursday, Friday & Saturday)


 Captura de pantalla 2014-09-22 a las 23.32.40

The staff is friendly and the place is very nice, I appreciate the décor and the lighting. What I like is that there is a lot of light at the front of the bar, meaning that if you just want to be in a Bar atmosphere you can chat and actually see who you are talking to.However, if you feel more like clubbing you can go to the dance floor (darker) and dance the night away without anyone watching.

For the smokers there is a fumoir in the left side that looks ok (I don’t smoke so I have no particular opinion about it).

 3. ZLB Vue Entree 5. ZLB Scene 1. ZLB Bar

Let me know what you think about it, or if you have visited before I would love to know about it! Have fun!

All pictures courtesy of ZoeLiveBar

Useful Info

Website: ZoeLiveBar

Menu with prices

Concert list


1207 Geneva

Phone for reservations: +41 79 195 43 98 (call after 15h)

Email: ré


Tue-Wed 19H – 02H
Thru 21H – 04H
Fri-Sat 21H – 04H


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