New Year … New Resolutions?

Dear readers,

I hope you started the year with a lot of excitement and energy as I did; 2016 ended as a rollercoaster and so fast I was not able to finish or do everything I wanted.

I know I need to think this more, but still I wanted to share with you  my main resolution (that I plan to keep), and what has worked on previous years and what hasn’t.

Some Tips:

Clearly I am far for being the resolutions expert, I rarely keep them. But I noticed that even if you shift 5% you end up in a very different position than 0% (in the long-run). For example, your resolution was to drink 2 litters of water per day, well maybe you ended up drinking only 1; it is still better that 0 right?

Choose 3 Main areas of improvement.

Do not try to make a NEW YOU, this will not happen. First of all because you are you and second because there are only 365 days a year. However, focus on 3 mains criteria of your life you would like to improve.

*Personal – Start an MBA, move city, learn a language, change apartment

*Professional – need a job change, a promotion, you want to start a new business.

*Sentimental (family) – you want to settle down, or separate, have kids, get married, etc.

*Balance (spiritual) – focus more on meditation, make a retreat, sense of life (for example for me this is always important, to keep balance), read more, relax more, take a sabbatical, travel the world.

*Economical – Save more money (TIP: income – savings = money to spend, not the other way around) , buy a house, invest on something

*Ecological – Yes, I added this because it is one of my resolutions. Reduce waste, stop using the car, recycle, eat less meat & process food, buy local etc…

*Health – Eat better, do sport, run a marathon, drink more water, stop drinking soda.

(These are only examples, I am not doing all of this of course…. LOL)

So my personal tip is to focus on 2-3 main areas of your life you REALLY want to make a change and stick to it. Make a plan and create specific measurable goals. For example if you want to save money, define the amount and create an automatic transfer from your account (we do that), you cannot spend the money you do not have (duuh).

What are my 2017 resolutions?

WOAH…. I am not 100% sure if these are the definitive, I should have though about it in 2016. However, I know the main areas I want to focus regarding the blog & personally. I will not share with you all of them since some are quite personal, but I can share with you a very exciting one!


Something clicked on my mind that I wanted to drastically reduce the waste I produce at home, work, travel etc. What are the measures and tips I will the applying?

  1. At Work: Use a hard plastic bottle that you can refill & a thermos. I used to use paper and plastic cups (shame on me, I know). Also instead of using tea bags I bring my loose tea and refill the tea ball etc. So I only have the waste of the tea, which is organic waste.\
  2. At Home: Here is a little bit more complicated, but never impossible.
    1. Recycle: I bough 2 more bins to really be able to separate and recycle everything including the organic waste, the aluminium, the paper, glass etc. We used to do it, but less consciously.
    2. Reduce: Think about everything at home and reduce the paper and plastic we use. Do I need to print that? Can I just scan it? Unsubscribe to paper promos, and add a NO PUB on the mailbox.
    3. Re-use: Super important, re-use all the things to the max and also stop buying paper bags and bring a fabric one everywhere to do the groceries (I have one, but I always forgot about it)
    4. Biodegradable: Use products that respect the environment, vinegar is the perfect ally!
  3. At shopping (consume less waste): Aha… all the work does not start at home, but on what you buy as well!
    1. NO Bags: Basic instinct, repeat after me: “without the bag, please”. If you always carry your fabric bag with you, you do not need the additional bag. This regards also clothes shopping. If you know you are going to do the sales, bring a big used paper bag or a medium weekend bag to put your stuff.
    2. NO Straws: You should know by now animals die of swallowing straws in the oceans, and why the hell do we need one anyways. So next time, no straw please.
    3. NO packaging: It is a huge trend, all these stores that sell everything by kilo, by liter etc. For example Nature en Vrac or Satoriz sell many thinks without the plastic and paper around. Go for it!
    4. Buy Vintage: well well, no surprise there for me, since I am huge vintage and second hand fan. But why buy new, if you can have it cheaper and with the “used charm” of it? I love vintage handbags, furniture, even our car is second hand. Maybe we could afford buying new, but there is something about giving things a second life that makes me happy, guilty of charge :).
    5. Rent instead of buying: So many places you can rent, machinery, tools, and even kitchen stuff. Why buy it and then have it at home for like 10 years without use?

      Emmanuel Buying Pumpkins by the road (very local, no packaging)

  4. At Travel: When we travel we disconnect from our surrounding and forget about our resolutions (not only waste) so I am taking extra precaution while on the road.
    1. Boarding pass: No need to print, use the apps.
    2. Bottle water: No need, bring yours and refill on water banks.
    3. Food: avoid take away places, it is not very healthy, there is tons of waste and nah. If you are in a hurry go to a small shop buy some fruits, fresh bread and ham and make your sandwich. Or to a local bistrot. Less waste and more health.
    4. Walk: Try walking more than taking metros or taxis, less pollution, more steps and MORE Sightseeing!

Those are my resolutions, I hope I covered most of the aspects of my life regarding waste. I am certain I could do much more. But I think we need to start with baby steps and small changes to achieve big goals.

What are you resolutions? What will be you big change this year? 

I wish you the best for this 2017, all my love and best wishes!


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