My Segway adventure with City Wheels!

Have you ever been on a Segway!? A couple of weeks ago I drove my first Segway EVER, it was pretty awesome, exiting and fun!

I had the opportunity to do this thanks to City Wheels, a Segway tour company in Geneva dedicated to stroll tourists and locals around Geneva’s streets! At the beginning I was a little scared to hop in, it seemed like the Segway was  going to run away me! However I was very lucky to have Reto as my tour guide, he explained me in easy steps how to drive a Segway, how not to be scared and most important how to have fun!

Me watching the safety video :)

Me watching the safety video 🙂












NOTES: After the video you have a little training on their premises until you feel comfortable driving a Segway! To be honest at the beginning it is a little bit scary (specially stepping on and down), however after a few minutes you realize it is a very natural movement and that you can move around very easily!


On training











After you are comfortable in you Segway it is time to get moving and go out there to visit beautiful Geneva!

We started our tour with the Brunswick monument, which is actually a mausoleum built to commemorate the life of Charles II, Duke of Brunswick. Afterwards we went to the lake border to take some pictures with the Jet d’Eau, to then continue to the Old City.

DCIM100GOPROphoto 1 photo 2

Reto explained everything to me, the history, the fun facts, the background story, it was like  time travel into Geneva’s history. The Old City is perfect for a Segway tour, because you do not get tired with the ups and downs of the streets jijiji.


Furthermore, we had a little break at Park des Bastions, a beautiful park where you can admire the City ramparts, Place de Neuve, Le Grand Theatre, Mussee Rath, and more. I enjoyed a lot this break, because the day was so nice, we were getting tired and Reto even shared with me photography tips to get better with my pictures!! I forgot to mention Reto is not only a great City Wheels guide tour, but he is also a photographer! Here you have his webpage. november

Finally, we closed the tour by crossing the lake through Pont des Berges to go back to Pâquis and let our Segways rest a little bit until their next Geneva Tour. It was a quick description of the whole tour, it took us 3 hours including the break to do all the visit! There are several packages you can choose from on their webpage!

→ Forgot to mention, after the tour they send all the pictures taken with the Go Pro during the visit! Super cool souvenir!

Have you ever been on a Segway? What are you waiting for!

Useful Information:

Address: “Les Cygnes”; 16-20 rue de Lausanne, 1201 Genève (It is inside the shopping mall on the top floor)

Telephone: +41 (0) 22 510 3456


Webpage: City Wheels

Facebook: City Wheels

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