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I am so happy to share with you this beautiful collaboration with  IMPREINT, a London based artist that started to paint balloons as part of his creations and came up with the idea to involve people all around the globe to be part of his project: Portraits.

The project consists on asking people to take a picture with a simple color balloon and send it back to the artist; so simple, yet so creative! The artist started seeing the balloons as people, all different and imperfect, yet beautiful, unique and bright!

I was very happy to participate in ‘Portraits’ with a ‘Good morning Geneva post’ , because it represents exactly what LivinGeneva wants to share with the world: a world that connects to each other though different people, cultures and cities, starting in one place (in our case Geneva!) and  with one thing in common (in this case the balloons)

Here are the pictures for Portraits:

IMG_0114 IMG_0104

Interview with the artist:

LivinGeneva had the opportunity to ask the artist some questions about his project and future plans.

  • LivinGeneva- When did you came up with the idea of painting balloons?
  • IMPREINT- In 2010.
  • LivinGeneva- What was your inspiration to start this project?
  • IMPREINT-  I was painting 1000 balloons and I started to look at them as people, so as a natural consequence I did Portraits.
  • LivinGeneva- When and did the idea of involving other people with their pictures  began to take place? Why?
  • IMPREINT- Because I see art being social. Since the begin of my artistic journey I involved the viewers in some of my activities. In the case of the ‘balloons’ I did before with two videos and then with this project.
  • LivinGeneva- How many people have participated in this project (aprox)?
  • IMPREINT-  I don’t have idea but I know that we touched all the continents. I don’t look in any case for statistics or quantity, I’m looking for sharing and see what happens.
  • LivinGeneva- How do you feel so many people, from so many places in the world are participating in your project?
  • IMPREINT- I’m happy for them. The project is mine metaphorically, it belongs to the people.
  • LivinGeneva- December 2014 is the end of Portraits, what do you plan to do next?
  • IMPREINT-  I don’t make plans, we’ll see. Maybe sleep.

You can check his Facebook page here or his official website here for more post in different cities.

red balloon
What do you think of this project? Would you like to participate? Comment and share!


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