Ibiza: 5 things to make it memorable

A couple of weeks ago I spent 4 days in Ibiza; it was the first time I went there and I really had no plans on what to do or where to start. It is an island for everyone, there are all sorts of activities, nightlife, restaurants and spots to visit. However, if it is you first time, there are somethings that you cannot miss in order to make your trip memorable:

1.- Get Lost in the Old Ibiza

I had no idea that the Old Town in Ibiza was so charming and romantic; it is made of zigzagging streets full of restaurants and cute boutiques.  There are families, couples, groups of  friends, walking around, grabbing a drink, enjoying the sunset and the ongoing sea views.Ibiza old town

We walked around for like an hour and finally settled in for El Bistrot, the cutest restaurant around with delicious Mediterranean food. We had the Jamon as a starter and the Tuna Tartare and Fish Filet as main courses; afterwards we tried the chocolate pie to share! El Bistrot Ibiza El Bistrot Ibiza IMG_3695

If there is no place at Le Bistrot, you can continue to walk and look for another one, there are so many! El Bistrot is in a quiet area, however if you are looking for more fiesta you can go to the square in the entrance of the forte, were most restaurants are; we were obviously in a romantic mood! El Bistrot Ibiza Ibiza old town

2.- Spend a whole day in a Beach Club

Maybe your trip to Ibiza does not involve spending a whole day in a beach club, but if you are going to do this once in your life you should do it in Ibiza. When you see all the options they have, you wonder if they invented the concept in the island…  We went to CBBC at the Cala Bassa beach; the service was remarkable and the beach is beautiful.Cala Bassa Beach Club

Here are some recommended beach clubs depending on your mood:

  1. Blue Marlin – Music is louder and the ambiance is more club.
  2. Malibu – Located in the Salinas Beach, restaurant and beach club.
  3. Amante Beach Club – Overlooking the Sol D’en Serra bay it has astonishing views. Beach Club

3.- Visit Formentera

Now, if you are only doing one thing on my list it should be this one. Formentera is an island 30 min away from Ibiza with majestic beaches and has a wilder side than Ibiza. The best option to get there is Trasmapi and the cheapest is Aquabus (but is much longer) ; however, if you are on vacations and do not mind about time, you can save up to 20 € per person by taking the second one.

Once you arrive you have the option to rent vespas, bikes, cars or take a taxi; since we were only for the day we grabbed a taxi (20€) that took us to Playa Illetes to have lunch at Juan y Andrea (must make a reservation).  Famous for it’s paella, we decided to go for it (aprox 36 € p/p ) and we were not disappointed! We were not very hungry so we skipped the appetisers, however I would recommend to grab some because the paella takes some time to be prepared (around 20 min). Paella at Juan y Andrea Ibiza Juan y Andrea Formentera

For the desert I order a plain, cold, fatty and impossible to resist Magnum, yes the same Magnum that you will find in any corner store because, why not! It had been ages (probably 2) that I hadn’t had one and I enjoyed it to the last drawling vanilla ice-cream drop and even ate the small portions of chocolate that stick to the wood stick 🙂

Playa Illetes is majestic and probably one of the most beautiful beaches I have seen in the Mediterranean, it reminded me of the Caribbean, but with more personality and character if you know what I mean. The water was at a perfect 26 °C and we spent the rest of the day there until we grabbed a taxi back and came back in the boat at 6pm.  IMG_3627

4.- Live a true sunset

Ibiza is known for the beautiful and breathtaking sunsets; we were there for a wedding and we enjoyed one from there. However, the best spot to watch an real ibiza sunset is Caló des Moro in San Antonio. There are many clubs and bars located in this area made to enjoy the sunset, a famous one is Café del Mar, I cannot recommend it myself, because I was not there; but I know that the sunset spot is a no-miss during your trip there!

5.- Come back with a souvenir!

Other than eating and swimming it is always nice to have something to remember you from that amazing trip. Sal de Ibiza is a perfect souvenir for you to bring home, you can also do some shopping in the lower streets of Ibiza and buy linen clothes that are perfect for the weather!Sal de Ibiza

Sal de Ibiza is the perfect souvenir that will follow you to your home and flavour your dishes! According to their website they do not sell it in Geneva, so what a better thing to bring back home!

Sal de Ibiza


Final tip, if you are not really into crowds I would recommend to go in September since there is less people and the sea is still warm. I really do not like when beaches are so crowded, and during July I can tell you that in order to take a picture without people I had to bend and fold and be very patient LOL! Anyways, I hope you will enjoy your future trip and remember that pictures and experiences (specially culinary) are the best memories!

Love from Geneva!


PS- All pictures except the one with the salt and the last of the beach club are taken by me, if you want to use them, just ask 🙂

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