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Alive Geneva is a holistic center located in Eaux Vives in front of the Jet d’Eau. As soon as you enter you feel The Zen, the place is very well illuminated by the ceiling-to-floor massive windows, the colors are grey, beige and white and everything feels spacious.


The center treats the body as a WHOLE and in order to do this they have different services available for all the clients:

Personal Training

I went there specifically for a Personal Training session, I wanted to 1) know what it was and 2) have a general vision on my current physical situation (in terms of training) and 3) learn new exercises I can practice at home or at the Gym.

Jose, my coach, was super attentive to what I was expecting about the session. We talked for 5-10 minutes and then we started to “work-out” on the points I wanted to put emphasis on.

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After 1 hour of torture sport… LOL just kidding, it was actually not that bad. The movements were really made for me and what I wanted to work on. But still, after I wanted my Reward, I had totally deserved it right?

“I recommend a Personal Training Session for either people that already do a activity, but need a little push to reach their goals or someone that wants to start getting into shape! “


This is where my happy kid woke up and I was able to get my reward after the pain …






ALL their food is Vegan and most of it is Gluten Free. All the desserts are RAW and on top of that SUPER instagramable don’t you think?

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I had to make myself choose ONLY one... I mean, even after 1 hour of PT session I cannot eat 4 desserts (unfortunately). I choose the Raw Carrot Cake, because it is one of my favorite desserts and I wanted to compare with the real thing.

There are a lot of differences between a Traditional Carrot Cake and this one.. it is too obvious to list. But I was actually delighted by the taste, the texture and the portions! Portions are quite big, so either think of sharing or have it after a light meal.


The Carrot Cake was super yummy, with a tasty frosting on top and to accompany this I had a Chesnut Matcha Latte! Simply perfect. This ended up being my dinner since after this I was no longer hungry LOL



This is also part of the physical body, but Yoga & PILATES are also good for the relaxation & calm. I personally have never done Yoga… I know super weird, but there is something that blocks me from it. Not sure why, maybe some day I will try.

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However, I am a HUGE HUGE fan of Pilates. In Mexico I did all the time and in Geneva I started again like 1 year ago. It is such a good sport to strengthen your core and your inner muscles. I did not try the class at ALIVE, but I will soon, I will keep you updated.

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Conscious Concept Store

The boutique offers the best SUPER FOODS selected by “We Are Wild”. You will also find some trendy magazines, cooking books and other.

I was so happy to see there Sagana, my favorite brand of Coconut Sugar. Remember when I did a recipe with their product?


Everything sold there is sustainable & fair trade! Good job guys!


Holistic Health Lab

To close the holistic loop they also propose life coaching session, nutrition advice, magnetism, bio-résonance & energetic treatments.

Also you can relax with one of their classic massages or a pregnant special, Ko Bi Do facial, Access Bars, Aroma Touch or feet reflexology.

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I loved the #vibe of this place and the options you have! Also the way you can easily book your Yoga and Pilates classes through their app 😉

Useful Information:

Schedules : Mon – Fri 7h00 – 20h00
Website: Alive Geneva
Alive Geneva
Email: hello@we-are-alive.ch
Telephone: +41 22 735 30 75
Address: Rue des Barques 2, 1207 Genève

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