Happy 3rd Birthday LIVINGENEVA! & some truths about blogging

Hello dears!

It is that time of the year again were I stop (kind-of) and celebrate what I have done the previous year. But this time I want it to be about YOU, YES YOU THE READER!

After 3 years in the Blogosphere I have learned a lot, I have written numerous articles, met extraordinary people, launched a second blog (I will dedicate a full post for this), been invited to numerous events, restaurants, trips, but most important I have talked to YOU!

I love receiving personal emails, asking me about my life in Switzerland. Messages on Instagram asking about my favourite boutique, or where to buy cheese. Also I get people asking me where do I cut my hair, or do my nails, and infinite questions! That made me think, and since I do not have time to write and article for every single question I wanted to do a Q&A article with the things you want to know about! 

“Ask me what you what to know about Geneva! If I do not know I will research!”

Comment below or write me and email diana@livingeneva.com!

This post is for YOU and a Huge Special THANK YOU for reading, commenting, following on social media and giving me the energy to continue.

So please, comment or send me an email with the questions you have! So I can prepare a new artcile with the most asked questions!

The reality about blogging…

Since as a lot of you know, I do not make a living out of it… not even CLOSE! This is purely a hobby (a beautiful and fulfilling one) but still a hobby. And I put in so much effort, time and energy, just to have something that will help others. Either to promote their new business, to discover a cool new places or to learn something.

So yes, sad reality I do not make thousands of CHF per month… hahaha I do have a full time job (that I love BTW) and also I blog for the fun of it!

So at least to create something you enjoy reading! Just ask!

I leave you with the traditional resume of the past year and I hope you will enjoy reading through it! I will also share my favourite Instagram moments.



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*** Anniversary photos by Stephanie Page ***



Met the lovely Sofia from Sofia Clara

7 places to Rock Les Bains by Choisi Ton Restau & LivinGeneva

Photo by LivinGeneva

Event: Running The Color Run in Lausanne

Tried the delicious Tse FUNG at La Reserve

Restaurant: Ladurée Quai des Bergues

La Durée – By LivinGeneva (Diana Casalis)


Restaurant: Le Neptune (Truffle Menu)

Salsify, truffle & sour milk

Visited BERN:

Did my first HOTEL VLOG:

Participated on a Global UN Campaign:


Frozen Geneva

First Fashion Post!:

Flowers and Shades… a new side of me!



And more more more… but if not we will stay here for too long!

Do not forget to ask anything you want to know about Geneva!

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