Event: Running The Color Run in Lausanne

I hardly  ever go to Lausanne, and it is a pity really! It is truly a lovely city and the lake views are just awesome (and very different than Geneva!), so when I received the invitation to participate to The Color Run in Lausanne I say “Why Not?!”.geneva-lifestyle-blog-livingeneva-diana-casalis-color-run-lausanne-myp-agency-6

With more than 14,000 participants, hubby and I decided to get into this new experience!

The Color Run in 6 points:

  1. Timings: There were departures all along the morning from 9h  to 11h – people are there to have fun!
  2. Concept: Run or Walk 5 KM and each KM you have people sending your color starched power – objective: end-up full of color!!
  3. Atmosphere: Fun, family, relaxed. There is no competition, they do not calculate your time or anything it is all for the fun!
  4. Prices: 35 CHF
  5. Location: Lausanne: Magnificent with stunning lake views and trees all along the race… beautiful!
  6. LivinGeneva tips: Do not open your mouth when you pass the Color Km…. bad idea.. experience talking.geneva-lifestyle-blog-livingeneva-diana-casalis-color-run-lausanne-myp-agency-4

What happens during the Color Run?

Well every KM you get covered in a different color. The first one was Blue, then Orange, after Yellow, following by purple & at the end …. well your medal!!!!!
People are mostly walking actively, but there is not a competitive environment, it is more a happy moment.geneva-lifestyle-blog-livingeneva-diana-casalis-color-run-lausanne-myp-agency-5

What I loved?

The atmosphere of fun, careless , family people all around

What I hated?

The taste of the powder! Do close your mouth when they throw the color at you! LOL

Useful Information:

Official website: The color run Lausanne 
Facebook: The color run Lausanne 

I hope you liked it!!!!



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