Dinner at Prato Borni at the Zermatterhof

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This time I am taking you to one of my favorite places on EARTH: Zermatt!

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Since I heard about Zermatt I really became super curious about about it. In the middle of Switzerland? No Cars? Matterhorn? What is this place?!

It’s all about THE ROCK

As you probably experienced, this year the ski season was not at it’s peak, so a good option when snow is not in the invite is always Zermatt, why? Because it is very high and the slopes go up to 3,883 m so the risk of not having snow is close to ZERO (you can actually ski all year long).

Zermatterhof Hotel

So this ski season we went not once but TWICE to Zermatt! On our first weekend there we went to have dinner at the beautiful Zermatterhof, a 5 Star Hotel in the heart of Zermatt. They have a gastronomical restaurant called Prato Borni and we were delighted by the food and service there!

Prato Borni at Zermatterhof

Prato Borni is the oldest name of Zermatt meaning Meadows.

The menu is presented in a sort-of-ipad

At Prato Borni there are 2 Menus – Heimat or Fernweh – we had Heimat since it is more traditional cuisine from the region!

Enjoy our menu and the comments!

We started with some Rosé Ruinart Champagne!

Amuse Bouche!


Salmon Starter

Fresh Goat Cheese, Pear & Purslane

Glazed crayfish / black radish / kohlrabi

This one was my favorite dish! Glazed and Caramelised!

Enjoying the Crayfish

Brook trout / goose fat / winter apple / Laura

Brook trout / goose fat / winter apple / Laura

The discovery of the night, Swiss Wine AMBASSADEUR DES DOMAINES DIEGO MATHIER! Great great choice!

Stuffed quail / forest aromas / blueberry

In between we had a little “break” to find again our taste and flavours. 

Time for the cheese!

Decisions… decisions..

The cheese selection was more than I expected. Swiss cheese, fresh fruit and even a Truffle infused honey was in the cart!

Then let’s start the dessert!! We had two different, the one normal in the menu and a different one for my husband since he is lactose intolerant.

I was a little disappointed in the dessert, there was nothing particular about it. I would have loved to have something more fresh and light. My husband peach sorbet looked more appetising to me, as to end up with a nice fresh more acid note after the 6 courses.

Grapes / local yogurt / Heida wine

Peach Sorbet

Restaurant in 6 points:

  1. Food: Gastronomical Cuisine. Small portions and tasty dishes.
  2. Concept: Option of 2 Menus, you can choose to have 2 up to 7 courses in the Menu you chose.
  3. Atmosphere: Calm, silent and space between tables, I love that!
  4. Prices: 7 course Menu 150 CHF / Wine Pairing 77 CHF
  5. Location: Heart of Zermatt! Inside the Zermatterhof
  6. LivinGeneva tips: Go with the wine pairing, it is totally worth it! You will be able to discover a lot of amazing Swiss wines!

    Amazing way to end a delicious dinner!

Useful Information:

Schedules : Tuesday to Sunday from 7:00 – 10:00 (When the hotel is open, check schedules)
Website: Grand hotel Zermatterhof – Prato Borni  Also Part of Swiss Deluxe Hotels
Instagram: Zermatterhof 
Facebook: Grand Hotel Zermatterhof 
Email: info@zermatterhof.ch
Telephone for reservations: +41 27 966 66 00
Address: Bahnhofstrasse 55 CH-3920 Zermatt

We finished with a little cocktail at the bar

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