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Welcome to my Geneva based blog! My name is Diana, I was born and raised in Mexico and I currently living in Geneva, Switzerland with my husband. I’ve been living in Switzerland for more than 7 years now, and loving every second of it. Since I arrived to Geneva (more than 4 years now!) I started to discover many places, restaurants, funny things to do, recipes, and weekend getaway ideas; however I though it was a little bit selfish to keep it to myself so here it is, all shared to you!

Switzerland is a beautiful country to discover and Geneva is the perfect city to start with. In this blog you will discover Geneva and its surroundings from a Mexican point of view (glass half full?). When others see the bad side of this city, I will find an opportunity to show you the bright side of it! Feeling bored and cold? How about a weekend in Italy? or a homemade fondue with friends? There is always a good plan and a new restaurant to discover.

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PS- I also share my tips and recommendation posts in Spotted by Locals Geneva. That is where it all started! Check them out!




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  1. Menorca says:

    Hi Diana!
    Lovely to come across your blog. I am an expat living in Basel; working full-time and blogging about Europe too:) Lets stay in touch!

    • Diana says:

      Thank you for passing by! You have a great blog!
      Do not hesitate to drop me an email if you would like a colab!
      See you soon!

  2. MagH says:

    Hi Diana,
    I really like your blog. I am Mexican and my husbands company may be relocating us to Geneva later this year. I would love to hear your thoughts about the different styles of living, costs, going out etc especially going from a city the size of Mexico City to Geneva.

    • Diana says:

      Hello Mag,
      I sent you an email about a month ago, did you received it? I hope this was useful for you!
      I wish you a very nice week!
      Best wishes!

  3. Sherri says:

    Hello! I will be relocating to Geneva for three months this Summer and your blog is a very helpful start! Do you have any neighborhood recommendations in looking for a place to live? I am coming from the United States and have never been to Switzerland.

    • Diana says:

      Hello Sherri, Thank you so much for passing by!

      I will send you an email directly so we can keep in touch and I will explain to you more about arriving to Geneva.

      Have a lovely weekend!


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