Day Trip: Evian

I started the year 2015 with a beautiful day trip to Evian, it was the first time I went there and I was really surprised by the nice streets and cozy look. Evian is the famous city where the Source Cachat fountain is, it is here where all the Evian bottles are filled in; and yes you can drink water from the source!

I was a little sad I did not take a bottle of water to fill in, however I did drank some water!

Evian Source

The main reason we went there is to see the exposition of “Contes de fées, de la tradition à la modernité” , translation: “Fairytales, from tradition to modernity”

Affiche Contes de fées

It is a beautiful exposition by the City of Evian, talking about the main Fairytales of all times! Staring from Cinderella, The Red Ridding Hood, Little Mermaid, Pinocchio and other French classics like Bluebeard and Donkey Skin.

David Sala, La Mort de la Bête, 2014_Huile sur papier, 32 x 58 cm_Collection de l'artiste © David Sala

David Sala, La Mort de la Bête, 2014 Collection de l’artiste © David Sala

The setup is beautiful and very professional, you will see costumes, images, drawings, paintings and even toys and cutouts. It is definitely not a boring exposition, but the whole contrary, it is fun, dynamic and it definitely makes you remember all the Disney movies you watched during your childhood.

Sophie Lebot, La Pomme, 2012 Collection de l'artiste © Sophie Lebot

Sophie Lebot, La Pomme, 2012 © Sophie Lebot

Apart from the expo, we visited Evian, drank water from the fountain and took pictures from the “creatures” all over the city! In Evian there is also a Casino and multiple restaurants to choose from (next time I go there I will try a Latino one that’s on my list!). It is the perfect day trip from Geneva, because it is only 40 min aways by car.

Palais Lumière photo Pierre Thiriet

Palais Lumière photo Pierre Thiriet

I hope you enjoy you daytrip to Evian and do not forget to tell me about it!


Useful Information (Expo) :

Address:  Palais des Lumieres, Quai Albert Besson, 74500 Evian, France

Telephone: +33 (0) 4 50 83 15 90

Turism Office: Evian

How to get there? :

By car: from Geneva follow all signals that go either to Evian or Thonon, and eventually you will get there 🙂

By Boat!: Yes, you can take the train to Lausanne and from there take the CNG to Evian. Check all details here.

By Train: Take the train from Geneva Cornavin and then change in Annemasse to go to Evian. Check train details here. 

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