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Café des Voisins (Coffee place of the Neighbors) is a new co-working area and Coffee place in the neighborhood of PlainPalais. Discovered this thanks to a friend that works close to it and was curious to discover what was all about.Geneva Blog: Co-working area Voisins

The concept is great, they have a co-working area next to the Café for people that work from home or are independent (ejem… bloggers) and still need to have a place to-go-to from time to time. I totally understand the need to go-to-work when you are independent and  work from home. In the last few years I have not been very stable on working hours, I was looking for a job, I worked a lot in the blog, I was also full time blogger for a whole month (jijij). So even if I have a super cute desk at home it is nice to get outside and see some people and work next to them.

Photo by Voisins

Photo by Voisins

This is a new concept that is expanding in Europe since there is more and more people that are entrepreneurs and self-employed. This has proven to increase working efficiency motivation and networking. It is also known for cost reduction.

They have 2 co-working areas in Geneva now, one in Rue Des Voisins and another one close to the train station (haven’t been). So, if you are looking for a place to work outside your house, meet some other interesting entrepreneurs and be more efficient this is the path to take :).

I would even recommend this por people looking for a job, since it keeps you in the working environment and you can even get some tips on the job searching 😉

The Coffee Area

For the Café (that is next to it) they have a great choice of  drinks and simple mets and they offer breakfasts too. It is a nice area to have coffee and chit-chat with friends. The decorations is modern, young and stylish and keeping it simple.Geneva Blog: Co-working area Voisins

They have Sandwiches, Tartares and Deserts. To drink they offer fresh juices, cocktails, wine, beer, coffees, teas and soft drinks.

Geneva Blog: Co-working area Voisins

Useful Information:

Facebook: Voisins Facebook
Linkedin: Voisins Linkedin

Co-working Areas:
 24/7 for members
Prices per hour: 8chf  for non-member and 5chf for members (includes WIFI, coffee, tea)
Prices for meeting rooms: 60 chf/hr for non-members and 30chf/hr for members
Address 1: Rue des Voisins 8 1205 Genève
Address 2: Place de Grenus 4 1201 Genève

Coffee Area:
Schedules: Mon-Fri 8:00 – 00:00 Sat 16:00 – 00:00
Address: Rue des Voisins 8 1205 Genève
Price breakfast: 10 CHF (juice, coffee or tea and croissant)
Tel: +41 (0) 22 735 24 27Geneva Blog: Co-working area Voisins


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