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The New Healthy Places by Choisis ton Resto & LivinGeneva

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We all seek to eat better, but also delicious and accessible. For this blog post I collaborated with my foodie #partnerincrime Nouhad from the most delicious blog in Geneva choisistonresto.com to bring you the latest HEALTHY hot spot places in Geneva!


Soï : Bringing the streets of Bangkok to Geneva

A freshly opened place in Geneva that makes me feel like I am in the streets of Bangkok: Spicy food, neon lights, a Tuc-Tuc, friendly and smiley faces, food that comes out from the counter & Singha beer of course!

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Holistic Center: Alive Geneva

I am very happy to share this new discovery with you since, I am sure you will absolutely

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Shopping/ Food: Edmond Cuisine (First Italian Subscription Box)

I know I have been very foodie lately with the posts. I guess it is my natural habitat