#LIVINGENEVAOFFICE my office reveal, before & after photos!

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Insens: Holistic center & best secret terrace in Geneva

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The Christmas Edit 2017

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Inside La Réserve Genève

Today I will be sharing my experience at La Reserve Geneva. Although it is no secret I love this place, it will be the first time sharing about the Nescens Spa Geneva.

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5 Tips to take amazing photos!

Since sharing and posting pictures has increased a lot with social media, we have all grown our photographer-artistic-soul haven’t we? So we go to the store, buy a nice fancy camera, maybe an extra lens…

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Holistic Center: Alive Geneva

I am very happy to share this new discovery with you since, I am sure you will absolutely

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Shopping: Oliviers & Co in Geneva

It is not always easy to find a simple and delicious gift for a friend or collegue…

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Shopping/ Food: Edmond Cuisine (First Italian Subscription Box)

I know I have been very foodie lately with the posts. I guess it is my natural habitat