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Insens: Holistic center & best secret terrace in Geneva

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The Christmas Edit 2017

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Inside La Réserve Genève

Today I will be sharing my experience at La Reserve Geneva. Although it is no secret I love this place, it will be the first time sharing about the Nescens Spa Geneva.

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5 Tips to take amazing photos!

Since sharing and posting pictures has increased a lot with social media, we have all grown our photographer-artistic-soul haven’t we? So we go to the store, buy a nice fancy camera, maybe an extra lens…

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Holistic Center: Alive Geneva

I am very happy to share this new discovery with you since, I am sure you will absolutely

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Shopping: Oliviers & Co in Geneva

It is not always easy to find a simple and delicious gift for a friend or collegue…

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Shopping/ Food: Edmond Cuisine (First Italian Subscription Box)

I know I have been very foodie lately with the posts. I guess it is my natural habitat

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Shop: Salsas La Milagrosa (Yes! here in Geneva!)

You know that moment when you have the Home Sickness to the TOP and all you want is food from home and the taste of your grandmas’ cuisine?


Shopping : Vintage Garderobe