Best Places to have Brunch in Geneva

Brunch is always a good idea, and in the pas months I have been able to try many of the most know ones! Here are some of my favourites ones according to price rage. This list is updated regularly according to the places I try or have heard about.

Disclaimer: I haven’t tried all of them, but people I trust have recommended them to me so I love to share other recommendations. It is hard for me to go to Brunch every Sunday since we are usually not here on the weekends. I am trying my best to try them all :). The ones I have tried will have *** before the headline.

More than 60 CHF

1. *** InterContinental Geneve- Variety, calm, family friendly, nice terrace during summer.
Price:  85 CHF pp – All inclusive (buffet, hot dishes, hot drinks)
Type: Buffet
Notes: Sundays only / reservation recommended
Web: here ¦ Tel: +41 (0) 22 919 3333 ¦ Address: 7-9, chemin du Petit-Saconnex, Geneva

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Geneva blog: Intercontinental Geneva

InterContinental Geneva

2. President WilsonSignature Michel Roth, this is a magnificent brunch in the shores of Lake Geneva! Every week they have a special theme!
Price:  84 CHF pp / 45 CHF children –  Including the buffet, mineral water, soft drinks & juices.
Type: Buffet
Notes: Sundays only / reservation recommended – book online 
Web: here ¦ Tel: +41 (0)22 906 6524  ¦ Address: 47 Quai Wilson, Geneva

Geneva Lifestyle blog - Best Brunch - Best places to have brunch in Geneva - President Wilson Brunch

Courtesy of President Wilson Geneva

3. Grand Hotel Kempinski Geneva – With their GLUTEN FREE section it makes us want to crave even more! This must-try brunch has been a Geneva favorite for a long time and bruncheurs (people that brunch)  all agree it is amazing! They have a vegetable & fruit bar and a yogurt bar too!
Price:  79 CHF pp / 40 CHF children –  Including the buffet, hot drink, mineral water, soft drinks & juices.
Type: Buffet – including a fruit & vegetables buffet
Notes: Sundays only / reservation recommended
Web: here ¦ Tel:+41 (0)22 908 92 24 ¦ Address: Quai du Mont-Blanc 19, Geneva.

Courtesy of Kempinski Geneva

Courtesy of Kempinski Geneva

4.- ***Restaurant du Parc des Eaux Vives With one of the most amazing views in Geneva this Brunch is a must try! They are very happy to welcome kids and prepare special activities for them! I am very excited to have this one in my list, stay tuned for all the pictures and comments!
Price:  75 CHF pp / 35 CHF children –  Including the buffet, hot drink, mineral water, soft drinks & juices.
Type: Buffet
Notes: Sundays only / reservation recommended
Web: here ¦ Tel:+41 (0)22 849 75 75 ¦ Address: 82, Quai Gustave Ador – 1211 Genève

*** Facebook Album ***IMG_0968

Between 45  – 60 CHF

5.  ***La Potinière Great location next to the lake, the place is super cute like a winter garden old fashioned coffee. The buffet is varied and has many types of cold cuts and pastries.
Price: 36 CHF – only the buffet w/ juices & 49 CHF all inclusive with eggs & hot drinks
Type: Buffet & a-la-carte eggs
Web: La Potinière  ¦ Tel: +41 (0) 22 310 28 28 ¦ Address: Jardin Anglais (behind the flower clock)

La Potiniere

La Potinière

6. ***Restaurant des Bastions – Beautiful location, super romantic, kids friendly, good food.
Price: 48 CHF pp. – All inclusive with the hot drinks
Type: Buffet
Web:  Bastions ¦ Tel: +41 (0)22 310 86 66 ¦ Address: Promenade des Bastions 1, Geneva.

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Restaurant des Parc des Bastions

Restaurant des Parc des Bastions

7. ***Katrepices – Seasonal theme buffet with a ton of cheese options! Very fresh salads, plates and croissants.
Price: 29 CHF – buffet only or  45 CHF  – All inclusive with the hot drinks & one option of hot dish (eggs of the day, burger)
Type: Buffet & a-la-carte
Web:  Katrepices  ¦ Tel: +41 (0)22 311 44 11 ¦ Address: 1 Place de la Synagogue, Geneva.

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Brunch Katrepices

Brunch Katrepices

8. *** OPUS-BGreat Fresh ingredients, a lovely terrace and eggs TDF! The decor inside is modern and open. Lovely place! My favorite was the chocolate tart.
Price: 48 CHF pp – Including selection from the buffet + hot drinks + 1 choice of egg
Type: Buffet
Web: Opus-B  ¦ Tel:+41 (0) 22 772 30 30 ¦ Address:Route de Florissant 55 BIS 1206, Geneva

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Opus-B Geneva

Less than 45 CHF

8. *** Tiffany Hotel – My favourite! The decoration and atmosphere is beautiful and very convenient for the price you pay. The dishes are delicious, and your have several options of main course.
Price: 43 CHF pp – Including selection from the buffet + 1 hot drink + 1 choice of dishes to order.
Type: Buffet + A-la-carte.
Web: Tiffany Hotel   ¦ Tel: +41 (0)22 708 16 06 ¦ Address: 20 rue de l’Arquebuse, Geneva. 

*** Facebook Album*** 

Tiffany Hotel Brunch

Tiffany Hotel Brunch

9. ***Brasserie des Alles de L’ille – I went there once and really liked the placement and the choice of food. I had a little issue since it was crowded and you kind of have to wait and fight to get food. The buffet could be a little bit bigger. However, if you are patient and let yourself go, the place is super cool if you reserve in the upper tables near the lake :).
Price:  39 CHF
Type: Buffet
Web: Halles   ¦ Tel: +41 (0)22 311 0888 ¦ Address: Place de l’Ile 1, 1204 Geneva. 

Geneva Lifestyle blog - Best Brunch - Best places to have brunch in Geneva - Paradiso Cafe

Brasserie des Alles de L’ille

10. ***Birdie Cafe – Probably one of my favorites Cafés in Geneva. I love their relaxed feel, their on-point sense of decor and of course their avocado salmon brunch. Their concept is slightly different than the rest, it is a brunch plate and not a buffet. Which is practical if you are not very hungry, and you can accompany your plate with a delicious signature cappuccino.
Price: 19.9 CHF the Brunch Plate with Salmon and Avocado
Type: Brunch Dish – Brekkie
Web: Birdie  ¦ Tel: +41 (0)22 320 29 00 ¦ Address: Rue des bains 40, Geneva.

Geneva Lifestyle blog - Best Brunch - Best places to have brunch in Geneva - Birdie Cafe Brunch

Birdie Cafe

11. *** Paradiso Another of my favorites Cafes, actually just in the same street aS Birdie you will find Paradiso. They are open all day on Sundays so you can pass by and get something to eat either as breakfast, Brunch or lunch! Nice avocado toast BTW 😉
Price: Holy Avocado 11 CHF (With an egg)
Type: A-la-carte
Web: Birdie  ¦ Tel: +41 (0)22 800 00 22 ¦ Address: Rue des bains 21, Geneva.

Geneva Lifestyle blog - Best Brunch - Best places to have brunch in Geneva - Paradiso Cafe

Cafe Paradiso

12. Un “R” de Famille – A completely different atmosphere. This restaurant is actually an association that helps young people get involved and reintegrate society. They organise a Sunday Brunch with local products and producers. They have a cozy patio in the back which is perfect for Sunday chillaxing.
Price: 32 CHF
Type: Buffet
Web: Un “R” de Famille ¦ Tel: +41 (0)22 328 22 23 ¦ Address: Rue Goetz-Monin 10, Geneva.


Le Montreux Palace – It is just 1h 30 min from Geneva by train and it is the BEST brunch I have ever seen. Not only it is beautiful, breathtaking, and time-travelling; but it is also delicious, gourmet, diverse, exciting and with top top service! Check my article here.

Funky Brunch – These girls are rocking the Brunch world with a completely different approach of what we have seen before. Food, Music, Entertainment, multiple locations & fun guaranteed. Check their webpage for more insights and do not forget to subscribe to their newsletter.

Le Bistrot- Teatre de l’orangerie – During Summer you have the Theatre de L’Orangerie Festival and they open the cutest temporary bistrot. There you can enjoy their Brunch on Sundays! Website.

Les Filles Indignes – It is not a weekly thing, I believe that it is once a month, this lovely Café organises a great and delcious Brunch. Girly atmosphere? Check. Fresh Ingredients? Check. Cool decor? Check! We love – Check their FB page for Brunch updates.

Les Voiles Genève – Brand new this year, Les Voiles Geneve is offering a brunch too! For 55 CHF you have your brunch plate and a unique view! What are you waiting for? More info here.

SeedSpace – It is more like Summer Pop-up Brunching! Follow their FB for more updates and dates! Here 


There might be more, but I have simply haven’t tried them! Do you have any suggestions? Let me know below!

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    U should try the brunch at l\’hotel d\’angleterre as well as \”tout simplement\” in the eaux-vives (two different atmospheres and price ranges, both delicious!)

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