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Have you ever dreamed of a magic wand that with a single turn will make your hair, nails and make-up? Well I do not know where to find this, but I discovered Chez Louise, a Beauty Bar where you can get your hair, nails and make-up done and even have a tea and cookies… so it is pretty close I would say.Geneva Blog: Chez Louise

Chez Louise is not a beauty salon as such, it is a Beauty Bar. They do hair-do’s, braids, manicure, pedicure and make-up (not haircuts, color, highlights…) . It is the ideal place to go to get ready for a wedding, special event, big meeting or only to feel pretty!

A little bit of history…. Alexandra is the founder of this beautiful place, she wanted to create a space where women could feel comfortable, pretty, relaxed and bring the best of them. And what a better opportunity to do it that in a relaxed atmosphere with super nice girls and rose petal wallpaper!

Look at that wallpaper!

Look at that wallpaper!

I was welcomed by Alexandra herself, with her bright smile and sparkling personality she does represent the inspiring business woman she is! ↓



 I decided to get a hair-do before a special event I had at the Mandarin Oriental last Wednesday. I thought it was the perfect occasion to get pampered and feel extra pretty!

Braided up-do

Braided up-do

I felt amazing with my hairstyle all evening, I got many compliments and also it changes from what I usually do … HUM….nothing. I am always wearing my hair lose and straight, since it is the easiest for me and I never have time or ideas to do something else … lol.

NOTE: Do not wash you hair the same day, this will help the hairstyle to last longer!

Their prices are very reasonable, specially the “Packages” for example, they have a Party Time package that includes the hairstyle and make-up and costs 70 CHF. A simple up-do is 35 CHF and a blow-drying goes from 40chf-55chf (depends on the time) . They also offer the service of manicure that goes from simple nail polish application (25CHF) to Gel Color full manicure (70CHF). Geneva blog: Chez Louise

I really liked the concept of a place specialised on beauty. Also that I checked their pictures before and I liked the style: natural, trendy and fun. Not too much, but not too little either 😉

Hoping you liked the post, see you next time!


Useful Information:

Schedules : Tue, Wed, Fri: 10h – 19h, Thu 10h – 20h & Sat 9h – 18h 
Facebook: Chez Louise
Full portafolio: Here 
Instagram: Chez Louise Instagram
Telephone for reservations:
+ 41 (0)22 310 22 44
Address: Rue de la Rôtisserie 8, 1204 Geneve. (Entrace by Rue Pelisserie)
TPG: Bel-Air or Molard

   °Prices Hair-do’s: from 20 CHF
   °Prices Blow-Dry: from 40 CHF
   °Price Make-up: from 25 CHF
   °Price Mani: from 25 CHF

Geneva Blog: Chez LouiseGeneva Blog: Chez Louise Geneva Blog: Chez Louise

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