5 Tips to take amazing photos!

Since sharing and posting pictures has increased a lot with social media, we have all grown our photographer-artistic-soul haven’t we? So we go to the store, buy a nice fancy camera, maybe an extra lens, the bag, 1-2 accessories for the fun … and then… well, we use it in Automatic since that many buttons could scare anyone. But, it still looks cool to cary a nice big camera around.

Not always easy to find the tips you need. Reading the 300 pages manual? NO WAY! But do not worry, I got you covered with some tips, a photography school in Geneva and even a discount code for your first course!


Light is the basics of photography and the most important thing. Simple… no light no picture.

Always try to understand where the light comes from, is it in your face, in the back, too dark, too bright. By just moving slightly or changing your position regarding the sun can make a picture 100% better!

In this picture we waited for the “MAGIC HOUR” Light in Florence!


2.- Be patient

For a very impatient person it is funny for me  to say this. But I have changed a lot since the first pictures on the blog to now; I am not saying I am an excellent photographer; but I have learned that sometimes you need to wait.

For a nice-Instagram-photo, timing is essential. Just wait 10 seconds for the lady on the yellow bright dress to pass by or the huge bus to move away from your frame. This could ruin a picture, so give it a couple of seconds to make it “more pro”.


3.-  Give context

For my pictures I try to always have a “theme” and “elements”. For example, if I am taking a picture of a Sunset in the lake, I want to have a boat passing by or some clouds. Not just the plain sunset.

Or also, something I learned at the beginners course of the Geneva Photo Club is to give the “size” of the element. For example if it is a huge tree, make sure there is a person or if it is tiny put it in your hand.

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4.- Training is KEY

As much theory as you can read or learn. The most important thing is training, regardless of the equipment you have. Most of my “camera” pictures are taken with a Canon Rebel, which is far from being the best camera out there!

I am still super happy with the quality of it and love how the pictures come out!

Practice practice practice as much as you can! And play around with it.

To start with, choose a camera that fits your needs (without breaking the piggy bank) a lens that fits well and a tripod if needed!

Now go and practice!

PS- Even with the phone-tography you need practice. I take most of my instagram pictures with my phone and even if this DOES NOT COMPARE with a real camera I still needed to learn how to use it properly to take most advantage of it!

Photo with my Canon Rebel


5.-  Book a course!

In Geneva you have Geneva Photo Club that have amazing beginners courses! Also if you already know a lot about photography you can take an advanced course or a photoshop one. Feel inspired, meet new people and learn along the way.

You can use the LIVINGENEVA code for a 15% discount in your first course, so there are no excuses on letting this one go.

Courtesy of Geneva Photo Club

I hope these tips will be helpful for you and that you will bring up your instagram and photography game!

Comment below if you have any questions!


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