5 Mexican Restaurants you can’t miss in Mexico City

Viva Mexico! Miguel Hidalgo once said on September 16th, 1810. Since then we celebrate each year as Mexico’s Independence Day – hence our National Day.

In order to celebrate this, and to honor my beloved country and city, I decided to make a collaboration with Michelle from michelleonbell.com : a friend, Mexican food blogger and also previous school college from Les Roches! What a better way to bring Mexico to the table than on this very special occasion of our National Party!

Here in Geneva we have El Catrin that you should already know, and of course I will be there tonight to celebrate! But in case you are planning a Mexican Escapade to the vibrant city a.k.a Mexico City here are the MUST TRY according to a local connoisseur


Inside the Presidente Intercontinental hotel in the heart of Polanco, you will find Chapulín a restaurant that honors the diversity and cultural richness Mexico offers. Although Chapulín serves a variety of local Mexican dishes, it is heavily influenced by the gastronomy of the state of Oaxaca, where the chef Josefina López Méndez is from.

The restaurant’s high-end ambiance includes a unique design and decoration, which reflects modern day Mexico City. With ceiling to floor windows, open spaces and walls covered with thousands of pieces of clay with diverse designs and colors, diners will sure be surprised. The food is as impressive as the interior design; some of the signature dishes include the tacos de lechón (pork), the shrimp ceviche with watermelon, the fish with chichilo (type of mole) and the ribeye with fig sauce. For dessert I highly recommend trying the buñuelo (crunch and flat fried dough) with cheese mouse or the roasted strawberries with a hint of green chile.

Website: El Chapulin 



Fonda Mayora

Fonda Mayora is the newest restaurant of chef Gerardo Vázquez Lugo, famous for Nico’s an unpretentious eatery that has been satisfying chilangos (Mexico City residents) with traditional Mexican dishes for the past 59 years.

Fonda Mayora located on a corner street in la Condesa neighborhood, has a very laid-back atmosphere, with wooden tables and ceramic tableware. The restaurant serves traditional Mexican, don’t expect any sophisticated food or plating but rather enjoy the fresh ingredients that are used in the preparation. For breakfast get the huevos encamisados, which are sunny, side up eggs inside a tortilla with black beans on the side. For lunch or dinner start your meal with a mezcal, and then order the ceviche verde tostada, the bone marrow sopes, the marinated mackerel or the chicken with mole. If you have a sweet tooth like myself don’t miss the chocolate tamal, you are going to love it!

Website: Fonda Mayora



Fonda Fina

Chef Juan Cabrera and a group of friends opened Fonda Fina a year ago in the up-and-coming Roma neighborhood in Mexico City. The name Fonda Fina, which means a “refined” fonda (a small, casual restaurant serving a three course menu) defines the overall concept of the place. Chef Cabrera, who has vast experience in Mexican and French restaurants around the country, took on the challenge of serving homey delicious dishes in an enjoyable atmosphere, nothing to fancy but certainly more elegant than eating in a street fonda.

At Fonda Fina you can find classic recipes prepared with high-quality products to bring out the best flavors in each plate. Some of the dishes you cannot miss include the fideo seco with chilaquiles (Mexican pasta dish with fried tortilla chips with green salsa), the pipián (type of mole), the tacos sudados (steamed tacos) or the porkbelly sopes.

Website: Fonda Fina




If you love to discover and experience unique gastronomical outings, you are going to love this restaurant. Quintonil opened in 2012 in the heart of Polanco neighborhood, a few years later the restaurant was recognized #6 out of the 50 Best Latin America’s Restaurants for 2015. Chef Jorge Vallejo and his wife Alejandra Flores founded Quintonil after years of experience in other restaurants including Pujol and Noma. The philosophy and whole purpose of the place is that any person that goes into Quintonil, comes in as a client and leaves as a friend.

Quintonil offers diverse flavors and techniques of modern Mexican cuisine; chef Vallejo uses ingredients from small producers to embrace a homemade meal.

While enjoying the food, one can feel that the whole concept of the place revolves around the study and expression of Mexican herbs, expressed in the preparation of their sauces, dishes and presentation. Some dishes that you might find interesting to taste include the crab tostada with lime, radish and habanero mayonnaise, the tamal with amaranth and salsa verde as well as the pork with pipian (type of mole) with avocado, ants (yes, you read right) and bean puree.

Finish off your meal with the mamey (type of fruit) pudding with ice cream which not only tastes delicious but is outstandingly presented, as if it where a piece of art.

Website: Quintonil 



Guzina Oaxaca

Located on Avenida Masaryk (Mexico City’s 5th Avenue), Guzina Oaxaca is led by Alejandro Ruiz an acclaimed Oaxacan chef and creator of Casa Oaxaca (in Oaxaca city). Casa Oaxaca was among the 50 Best Restaurants in Latin America by S. Pelllegrino and Acqua Panna in 2014. The name Guzina Oaxaca means Oaxacan cuisine in Zapotec, one of the most commonly used indigenous languages in the state.

The high-end restaurant combines a homey yet sophisticated style with the talent that Chef Ruiz puts into each dish. Try the Chile de Agua (type of chile) stuffed with ceviche and passion fruit sauce as a starter and the grilled octopus with huitlacoche (corn mushroom) rice for the main course. If you like mole, the restaurant offers an outstanding variety of them including mole negro and mole almendrado. Accompany your meal with a mezcal or tequila from their wide selection!

Website: Guzina Oaxaca 




WOW, WOW, WOW thank you Michelle for these amazing locations and delicious tips!! I definitely need to go back home and try each and every single one of these restaurants!

Withe this said I say goodbye until next post! Do not forget to check Michelle’s blog here and also follow her on instagram and facebook to keep-up with her gastronomic experiences (not only in Mexico, but also a lot of cities in the US)



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