5 Mexican Entrepreneurs you should know in Geneva

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For this post I wanted to put in the spotlight my compatriots! As you might know I am super proud to be Mexican and all things Mexico has to offer to the world: food, design, talent, tequila, vision, passion, energy and many many other things. Throughout my years here in Geneva I have met amazing and super talented Mexicans from different backgrounds & career paths; however, they all had something in common… entrepreneurship.  For some of them it is a side job maybe, or they have just started, but all of them are passionate about what they do and put Mexico on proud standards!

1.- Daniel Lopez-Paullada: Photographer

I met Daniel at the W Verbier when I was invited to meet Sergi Arola, we were surprised we had never seen each other before! He took an amazing picture of me with the chef (see below) and I was completely mind blown with his talent, passion and professionalism.

Daniel is a freelance, international photographer & videographer with over 10 years of experience. He has been featured in publications such as GQ, WIRED, EYES Magazine & the Financial Times. His path has been very international and he now lives in Geneva and works for multinational clients and takes amazing photographs everywhere he goes.

Website: Daniel Lopez-Paullada Photography

Copyright - Daniel Lopez-Paullada .Processed with VSCO with q4 preset.

This is Daniel. Copyright – Daniel Lopez-Paullada .Processed with VSCO with q4 preset.

Copyright - Daniel Lopez-Paullada

Me with Sergi! Copyright – Daniel Lopez-Paullada

2.- Gabriela Castellaños – Chef & Owner of El Catrin

Well it is not new to share my love for Mexican food right? I mean, everyone loves it! When I met Gabriela in her restaurant I immediately felt she was passionate about food. I wrote an article about El Catrin (Mexican Restaurant in Geneva) immediately after I went there since I was so excited to taste authentic Mexican Food in Geneva. Gabriela comes from Oaxaca, one of the most beautiful and rich in gastronomy places in Mexico, no wonder she is so good in what she does!

Gabriela used to have a cooking school in Oaxaca and her brother Rodolfo Castellaños won Top Chef Mexico(article here) with his restaurant ORIGEN. So I guess it runs in the family 🙂

Website: El Catrin

Copyright - Gabriela Castellanos

Gabriela. Copyright – Gabriela Castellanos

Geneva Blog - El Catrin Mexican Restaurant

From my previous article of El Catrin

3.- Barbara & Selene – Brappz

Barbara & Selene are both Mexicans and they are both living in Switzerland! (So I guess you can count the total as 6 Mexicans since there are 2). They founded Brappz as a dream to make bra straps a revolution and instead of trying to hide them beneath the clothes, show them as a statement of your style!!

The beauty of this project is that it started as a bra-strap and now it is everywhere! Bracelets, shoelaces, necklaces … the options are endless and it fully depends on you! There are amazing colors that can match any outfit and recently they launched a metallic collection that is absolutely fabulous!

Website: Brappz 

Brappz-050215-00140 retouched

Barbara & Selene from Brappz

5 Mexican Entrepreneurs you should know in Geneva - Brappz

4.- Alberto Valdespino – Salsas Milagrosa

Alberto lives in Geneva with his wife and son;  after spending a few years around Europe and missing Mexican food & flavors he and his brother started Salsas Milagrosa. Salsas Milagrosa is the project to commercialize the 4-generation-recipe of SPICY Mexican sauce and sell it in Mexico and  Internationally too.  His brother is in Mexico and takes care of the production and Alberto is here in the commercial side.

They now have 3 different flavors: Morita, Cuaresmeño & Habanero. I love them all, but my fave is definitely the Morita with the smoked flavor and the very easy way to include it in any recipe to give it a special thing. The ingredients are natural and with no conservatives or very few in some recipes.  I love the packaging and the branding as much as what they have inside!

Website: Salsas Milagrosa
Facebook: Salsas Milagrosa 

5 Mexican Entrepreneurs you should know in Geneva - Alberto Vespino - Salsas Milagrosa

Valdespino Brothers!

5 Mexican Entrepreneurs you should know in Geneva - Alberto Vespino - Salsas Milagrosa logo

5.- Francisco Villalpando – Tequila Villalpando

Last, but definitely not least we have Francisco. He has been living in Geneva for over 23 years, but he is 100% Mexican and 200% proud of his roots (like we all are right? ). Just recently he decided to drop the “traditional” job and start getting his hands dirty and investing his time and energy in the family business.

Tequila Villalpando is not new, but it was sleeping in the hills of Jalisco without any International boost. Francisco wanted to let the world know that REAL Tequila is not the one with a little red hat (I feel sorry for your 1st Tequila hangover), but it is a drink that you savour and enjoy as you would do for a Whisky or Cognac. You can of course enjoy it in a margarita or a cocktail, but believe me that if you taste it from the bottle it will not burn your throat nor it will revive your college parties 😉

Facebook:  Tequila Villalpando 5 Mexican Entrepreneurs you should know in Geneva - Francisco Villalpando5 Mexican Entrepreneurs you should know in Geneva - Francisco Villalpando - pinas


I hope you liked the selection! Are you a Mexican in Geneva? Do you know any? I would love to hear about your projects, plans and passions!

Have a nice one!


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  1. BT says:

    Thank you for sharing other compatriot’s stories, all new to me 🙂 I know a few Mexicans whose contacts I will pass you on for your part 2 in a different context 🙂

  2. Taide Guajardo says:

    Hola Diana! Tal vez no sabes pero Edmond Cuisine tiene una socia mexicana :-), asi que pienso seriamos parte de tu lista, para la proixma!! Yo soy del DF y llevo 6 años viviendo en Ginebra. Estaria padre organizar una cena con los entrepreneurs mexicanos, que dices? Tipo en el Catrin? Entre mexicanos nos podemos ayudar y como minimo tener una noche agradable! Te animas a organizarnos?Taide

  3. Lizzy says:

    Hola! Esta super tu articulo! Habemos muchos mexicanos mas que te encantaria conocer y con mucho que ofrecer a esta ciudad! 😃🤗🇲🇽

  4. Dulce Negrete says:

    Hola Diana ,
    Tambien consideró que La Escuelita es motivo para compartir . Somos dos socias Mexicanas y una Alemana y estamos en Zürich y recientemente en Baden.
    Para mí ha sido el proyecto más noble que haya realizado ya que día con día hacemos que nuestro idioma prevalezca en las nuevas generaciones .

    • Diana says:

      Hola Dulce,
      Perdon por el retraso en contestar. Tuve un problema con los comentarios, no me llegaban las notificaciones.

      Claro! Es una excelente idea! Se que aqui tambien hay una. Voy a escribir una parte 2 asi que las mantengo al tanto!



  5. Ernesto says:

    Y si somos muy mexicanos y súper orgullosos de ello, ¿por qué escribir en inglés? ¿Somos mexicanos o “expats”?

    • Diana says:

      Hola Ernesto!
      Gracias por tu comentario!
      No entiendo que tiene que ver el Ingles con el orgullo? Este blog es para compartir mis experiencias, las cosas que hago, descubro y vivo con la gente que quiera leerlo. Si lo escribo en Español o Ingles o Frances no afecta el hecho que soy Mexicana, orgullosa de serlo, soy Expat, local o extranjera, es simplemente la manera mas fácil de compartir y que mas gente pueda leer lo que escribo.

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