5 Hidden Gems in Geneva

We never fully know a city, and even if I try to discover as many places as possible, I am always surprised to see more and more! I am far from knowing the city by heart or knowing every single restaurant there is to know, but in my 4 years here I have discovered 5 restaurants and cafes that are not visible at first sight. You have to actually know they exist to go there, they are not on a main road and even some are inside a store or restaurant!

1.- Collonge Cafe

15 min away from Geneva you have Collonges-Bellerive  a beautiful Swiss village that has grown thanks to the proximity of the city. Collonge Cafe is located in the middle of a park, guaranteeing a quiet and nice diner.  The food is Italian with a fantastic taste!  The service is welcoming, friendly and outgoing! Very recommended for either a romantic dinner or the “meet the parents” kind of situation 😀
Web:  Collonge Cafe ¦ Tel: + 41 (0) 22 777 12 45 ¦ Address: Chemin Château-de-Bellerive 1, 1245 Collonge-Bellerive ¦ Price: from 60 CHF per personGeneva lifestyle blog: 5 hidden gems - Cafe Collonges Geneve Geneva lifestyle blog: 5 hidden gems - Cafe Collonges Geneve

2.- Chez Henri

Geneva lifestyle blog: 5 hidden gems -Chez Henri oyster bar Geneve

Photo copyright of Chez Henri

Inside The Hamburger Foundation you have actually a bar, push the door next to the kitchen and you will find an Oysters Bar. Yes! It is not the bar of the Restaurant, it is another place, another atmosphere another menu. Push the door and enter to Chez Henri to delight yourself with selected white wine and fresh oysters!
Web:  Chez Henry ¦ Tel: + 41 (0) 79 555 00 43 ¦ Address: Rue Philippe-Plantamour, Geneva(inside THF)  ¦ Price: from 15 CHF per person

3.- Le Reposoir

My discovery of the season! I can’t over believe I missed this place for over 4 years! In the shores of lake Geneva you have a paradise with a relaxed atmosphere, cool and super friendly service, great tasty food (including the region’s specialty Filet de Perches!! ) and of course a view to leave you breathless! Can you ask anything more? Oh yeah! They have boat parking 😉
NOTES: No credit card / Bar open from Mon – Sun
Web:  Le Reposoir ¦ Tel: + 41 (0) 22 732 42 655 ¦ Address: 222 Route de Lausanne,  Geneva ¦ Price: from 45 CHF per personGeneva lifestyle blog: 5 hidden gems - Le Reposoir Geneve Geneva lifestyle blog: 5 hidden gems - Le Reposoir Geneve

4.- L’adresse

What is behind this red door? A Restaurant? A boutique? …..BOTH! I love this place because if you do not know it exists you simply pass by. However, once you discover it you come back all the time. In the iconic neighborhood of Eaux Vives, after going up one floor by their red stairs you have L’adresse which means  THE ADDRESS. Amazing brands, healthy and seasonal food by the terrace… I love it all!
Web:  l’Adresse ¦ Tel: + 41 (0) 22 736 32 32 ¦ Address: 32 Rue du 31 Decembre, 1st Floor,   Geneva  ¦ Price: from 30  per personGeneva lifestyle blog: 5 hidden gems - L'addresse Geneve Geneva lifestyle blog: 5 hidden gems - L'addresse Geneve

5.- Luigia

Most of us know it, and it is probably one of the first places someone took you for dinner when you arrived to Geneva. However, if you are new or passing you HAVE to come and eat a pizza at Luigia! Their success? Perfect Neapolitan Pizza with an atmosphere that makes us want to come back for more! Why is it hidden? Because from the outside you can only see some flash bulbs calling you in … LUIGIA … you are not sure if it is a restaurant, a bar or a cabaret and once you push the door you see waiters running, pizzas passing and people binging on Truffle Pizza Petals which are their specialty!
NOTE: No reservations
Web:  Luigia ¦ Tel: + 41 (0) 022 840 15 15  ¦ Address: Rue Adrien Lachenal 24 A, 1207 Geneve ¦ Price: from 30 CHF per personGeneva lifestyle blog: 5 hidden gems - Luigia GeneveGeneva lifestyle blog: 5 hidden gems - Luigia Geneve

 Hope you liked my hidden gems! I cant wait to share more with you 🙂 this is only the first chapter!

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