5 Blogs to Follow for a Vegan – Gluten Free Lifestyle

As part of my Vegan-Gluten-Free Month Challenge I would like to share with you were do I get my inspiration! There are thousands of hundreds of amazing blogs out there! But it is always good to have some that adapt to our lifestyle! Here are the ones I read to get daily inspiration from!

1.- Deliciously Ella

This one was kind of obvious, she was the one that inspired my challenge in the first place 🙂 . Her books  and blog are a great way to start this lifestyle and she takes the easy way. Her recipes are easy-to-make and affordable to create. The only but I would say is that some of the SWEET things miss spices, like cinnamon, salt, sugar or moist in general. Her recipes need sometime a little local adjustment.

BLOG: deliciouslyella.com

2.- The Plant Philosophy

Love this one because it is also Gluten Free and has a very young and easy-to-make approach. Margaret test-n-tries many recipes and makes sure everything is extremely delicious.

BLOG: theplantstrongvegan.com

5 gluten free vegan bloggers to follow

Isn’t she the cuuutest?


3.- Contentedness Cooking

Florian is a recipe creator and talented photographer… I mean his pictures are flawless. He also has a weakness for Mexican Vegan & Gluten-free food so this makes it a must read if you are in the same channel as me!

BLOG: www.contentednesscooking.com


4.- Gluten-Free-Vegan Girl

Solveig is a Norvergian 20-year-old that is striving to make Gluten-Free-Vegan tasty and that is why I started following her. So far I have made her cashew cream that is super tasty for breakfast, pasta sauces and many other side dishes, and dips base!

BLOG: gluten-free-vegan-girl.com

Cashew Cream by Solveig

Cashew Cream by Solveig – copyright Gluten-Free-Vegan Girl

5.- Allyson Kramer – for desserts

Allyson inspired me a lot to do “out-of-this-world” desserts! Cupcakes, brownies, cakes, she knows it all! She is a huge inspiration for the sweet-vegan-tooth!

BLOG: www.allysonkramer.com

5 gluten free vegan bloggers to follow



  • vegnews.com – is a very useful website to get info about Vegan things- They are activist and promote Vegan lifestyle (not necessarily gluten-free). It is great when traveling since they spot the places to go to!
  • Chef Chloe – Is a super talented Vegan Chef that is changing the world of Vegan! She won a cupcake contest and is a super successful book author.
  • onegreenplanet.org – Also promotes  Vegan and Green Lifetyle! Great for news, info and recipes!

I hope you liked my inspo!

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